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CommitCRM-Outlook Sync

Make sure all your critical computer services business data is always available and updated with the new CommitCRM-Outlook Sync module.

With the CommitCRM-Outlook Sync module, you can enter information into CommitCRM or Outlook and be assured that the information is synchronized and current in both programs. This feature not only saves you the time of manually entering data, but it also minimizes the data errors common to manual data entry.

By synchronizing your CommitCRM data with Outlook you can achieve the following:

  • Increased availability of your critical business data
  • Easy dispatching of service tickets to technicians in CommitCRM who can synch the scheduled appointment with their Outlook calendars

  • Simply transfer new prospects from Outlook into CommitCRM
  • Carry your updated customer and calendar information with you on your PDA or Smart Phone

The CommitCRM-Outlook Sync module enables you to:

  • Perform a two-way sync – additions and updates made in one system are synced with the other
  • Sync CommitCRM Accounts with Outlook Contacts
  • Sync CommitCRM Appointments with Outlook Calendar Appointments
  • Sync CommitCRM Tasks with Outlook Tasks

Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of Outlook are supported?
– Microsoft® Outlook® 2000
– Microsoft® Outlook® 2003
– Microsoft® Outlook® 2007
– Microsoft® Outlook® 2010
– Microsoft® Outlook® 2013
– Microsoft® Outlook® 2016

Which record types are synchronized?
– CommitCRM Accounts and Contacts are synced with Outlook Contacts
– CommitCRM Appointments are synced with Outlook Calendar Appointments
– CommitCRM Tasks are synced with Outlook Tasks

Is the sync bi-directional?
Yes, the sync is bi-directional. Additions and updates made in CommitCRM are transferred to Outlook, and vice versa.

Can I use it without MS-Exchange?
Yes, you can use the CommitCRM-Outlook Sync module without an Exchange server. CommitCRM will sync with your local Outlook folders.

Can I use it with MS-Exchange?
Yes, you can use the CommitCRM-Outlook Sync module with an Exchange server. CommitCRM will sync with Outlook folders managed by the Exchange server.

Can I try it?
Yes, CommitCRM trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the CommitCRM-Outlook Sync guide (found here) to use the module.