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Sales & Marketing

The RangerMSP Sales & Marketing feature assists the team with generating leads, pursuing those same leads, and closing new business.

Using RangerMSP you can actively do the following:

Sales Opportunity Reports and Statistics in RangerMSP
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Create Groups of Target Leads/Prospects

You can segment customers based on various criteria such as:

  • Size, location, industry or other customer characteristics
  • Contract status (due for a service level upgrade, contract about to expire, etc.)
  • Service history

Track Campaigns

  • Log every sales interaction with the customer
  • Filter leads/prospects by their source
  • Send the messages using email, pring mailing labels

Sales Opportunity Reports and Statistics in RangerMSP
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Manage Telemarketing Campaigns

  • Assign groups of prospects to individual telemarketers according to skill and experience
  • Log every call and create follow up reminders
  • Schedule appointments for the sales reps and notify them of the scheduled meetings and related information.

Manage Account and Contact Information

  • Access and record detailed information about customer accounts and contacts
  • Track all the interactions for each customer (phone calls, meetings, tasks, events, information requests, etc.)
  • Share information from different RangerMSP modules for a complete customer view

Manage Sales Opportunities

  • Capture information relating to sales opportunities
  • Search and group sales opportunities according to specific criteria
  • Pursue sales opportunities and track the status of each opportunity
  • Forecast revenue potential and measure the effectiveness of your sales efforts

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Manage Sales Quotes

  • Quote your customers for products and services, using your Items list
  • Manage the entire life-cycle of the quote from its initial creation to winning the sale
  • Convert Quotes into Ticket, Contract, QuickBooks Invoices or billable Charges
  • Create Quotes from Tickets, Assets, Contracts, Opportunities
  • Link an existing Quote to existing Ticket, Contract, Asset or Opportunity
  • Let customers view and accept Quotes via the Customer Web portal
  • Customize Quote printable formats
  • Manage Quotes using both RangerMSP client and the Web interface