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The Answer to All is YES!

Yes It Can

For Your IT Business

  • Is RangerMSP designed for IT Services Providers?
  • Is RangerMSP designed for Managed Services Providers?
  • Is RangerMSP designed for Computer Repair Shops?


  • Does RangerMSP sync with Outlook?
  • Does RangerMSP sync with QuickBooks?
  • Does RangerMSP integrate with MSP systems?
  • Does RangerMSP integrate with GFI MAX?
  • Does RangerMSP integrate with Continuum?
  • Does RangerMSP integrate with Quotewerks?
  • Can I easily import & export my data?
  • Is there an API?

Installation & Setup

  • Is RangerMSP easy to install?
  • Is RangerMSP easy to configure?
  • Is it easy to upgrade?
  • Does it work on Windows 8?
  • Does it work on Windows 7?
  • Does it work on Windows Vista?
  • Can I move it to another machine easily?
  • Can I install multiple RangerMSP clients?
  • Can I login from more than one machine?
  • Can I customize RangerMSP?
  • Can I run it on a server?
  • Can RangerMSP Web login be integrated with my Web site?
  • Can I add new fields to RangerMSP?
  • Can I add my own logo to the Web Interface?
  • Can I add my own custom dictionary?


Accounts, Contacts and Employees:

  • Can I import my Accounts and Contacts?
  • Can I store multiple contacts for an Account?
  • Can I quickly see any interaction with an Account?
  • Do I get a 360 degrees view of the Account and its related data?
  • Can I manage multiple employees/technicians with RangerMSP?
  • Can I give different access privileges to different users?
  • Can I work with sub-contractors?
  • Can I limit sub-contractor access to only specified customer accounts?
  • Can I sync Outlook and Exchange Contact folders with RangerMSP?
  • Can I import my customers from QuickBooks?
  • Can I see everything that is open with the Account?
  • Can I assign account-manager users to Accounts?
  • Does the system warn about adding duplicate Accounts?
  • Can I merge duplicate customer accounts?
  • Can I set customer as inactive and hide it?


  • Can I manage Ticket priorities?
  • Can I assign Tickets to technicians?
  • Can my customers create Tickets by Email?
  • Can Tickets be created via the Web?
  • Can Tickets be created from RMM systems alerts?
  • Can I easily dispatch Tickets for on-site visits?
  • Will employees get email alerts on new and updated Tickets?
  • Does the system keep a history log of all ticket activities?
  • Does it handle all email correspondence between staff & customers?
  • Can I move a Ticket to another Account?
  • Can I merge duplicate tickets?
  • Can I label Tickets?
  • Can I quote customers from the Ticket?
  • Can I move tickets from different statuses?
  • Can I log time spent and parts used to resolve a ticket and then bill it?
  • Can a Ticket be managed under an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?
  • Can I easily invoice a Ticket with QuickBooks?
  • Can I send Ticket details by email or attach PDF report to email?
  • Can I merge duplicate tickets?
  • Can RangerMSP alert on closing tickets without work performed being logged?

Dispatcher Board and Calendar:

  • Can Tickets be easily dispatched to Technicians?
  • Does the dispatcher board have a graphic interface?
  • Is there a way to manage appointments for Technicians?
  • Can appointments be synced in both ways with Outlook?
  • Do I have a dedicated calendar/dispatcher boards for dispatching?
  • Can I reassign a scheduled ticket to another technician?
  • Do users get email alerts about their schedules automatically?
  • Is it easy to charge for a scheduled appointment?
  • Can I easily see all scheduled appointments that I did not charge?
  • Can I see multiple technicians calendars side by side?
  • Can I add recurring appointments/task?


  • Can I track and manage Assets with RangerMSP ?
  • Can I track and manage sub-assets?
  • Can Tickets be linked to Assets?
  • Can I store customized configuration data with Assets?
  • Does it maintain a service history for each Asset?
  • Can I import my Assets?
  • Can I print barcode labels for Assets I track?
  • Can I quote for Asset warranty renewal?

Knowledge Base:

  • Can I create knowledge base articles for employees?
  • Can knowledge base articles be shared with customers?
  • Can articles be added from the employee Web portal?
  • Can articles be added from a Ticket?
  • Can knowledge base articles have documents attached?
  • Can employee access privileges be applied to knowledge base articles?
  • Can I generate reports on the knowledge base?
  • Can I import articles to the knowledge base?


  • Can I import an entire folder of documents?
  • Can I drag & drop existing files to add as documents?
  • Can I link to external files on my local disk or network?
  • Can I download documents from the Web portal?
  • Can documents in RangerMSP be opened easily?
  • Can I password protect my documents?
  • Can I set a different document folder for each Account?
  • Can documents be created from Assets, Tickets, Accounts etc?
  • Can I access documents from their related Assets, Tickets, Accounts etc?
  • Can I add Word, Excel, PDF, email, scanned documents, images, videos and more?
  • Can I link my emails from Outlook to RangerMSP?
  • Can I categorize my documents?
  • Can I easily find/search the documents?
  • Can I create appointments/tasks/messages/history notes/charges from documents?

Service Contracts:

  • Can I manage recurring service Contracts?
  • Can I easily invoice Contracts with QuickBooks?
  • Can I track Block-of-Time Contracts?
  • Can I track Block-of-Tickets Contracts?
  • Can I track Block-of-Money (All-You-Can-Eat) Contracts?
  • Does RangerMSP warn me when Contract block is exceeded?
  • Can I set expiration dates?
  • Does RangerMSP warn me when Contract date is expired?
  • Can a customer Account have more than one active Contract?
  • Can I easily renew Contracts for next year/month/etc.?
  • Can I choose not to use Contracts?


  • Can I easily charge for all sorts of ad-hoc products & services?
  • Can I bill customers for time/labor, expenses, products and parts?
  • Can I use a timer to easily log time?
  • Can I add a charge from the timer?
  • Can I use more than one timer at the same time?
  • Can I set my minimal time for charging using timer?
  • Can I define different rates for employees?
  • Can I define custom rates/discounts/markups for certain contracts or accounts?
  • Does RangerMSP allow for multiple tax rates?
  • Does RangerMSP handle recurring billing?
  • Can I invoice with QuickBooks?
  • Can I Batch invoice with QuickBooks?
  • Can I hide rates and prices from my staff?
  • Can I manually mark Charge as billed?
  • Can I see charge totals within the ticket?


  • Is there a quoting module in RangerMSP?
  • Can I brand quote forms and include my business logo?
  • Can I quote for time, labor, product/parts and expenses?
  • Can I email Quotes in PDF to customers?
  • Can customer see and approve Quotes using the customer Web portal?
  • Can I mix service items, product, parts and expense in the same Quote?
  • Can I apply markups and discounts?
  • Can taxes be included and calculated on a Quote?
  • Can I easily convert a RangerMSP Quote into a QuickBooks Invoice?
  • Can I easily create Tickets out of won Quotes?
  • Can I easily create Contracts out of won Quotes?
  • Can I create quote or link existing quote to ticket/contract/asset?
  • Does RangerMSP apply customer custom rates in Quotes?

Sales Opportunities:

  • Is there a way to manage sales opportunities?
  • Can I estimate future revenues from sales opportunities winning probability?
  • Can I manage prospective customers?
  • Can several team members be assigned to handled an opportunity?
  • Can I link Sales Opportunities with QuoteWerks quotes?
  • Can I print reports analyzing sales performances?
  • Can I attach and track all email conversations and files involved under the opportunity?


  • Can I generate reports with RangerMSP?
  • Can I design my own custom reports?
  • Can I see statistics for my business?
  • Can I create/add barcodes and QR codes?


  • Can RangerMSP alert customers on new or closed Tickets?
  • Can it attach a PDF report when alerting customers?
  • Does it send alerts to all relevant staff on new/updated Tickets?
  • Can alerts be switched off/on for certain customers or users?
  • Can I add more alerts recipients to a Ticket?
  • Can I use the Alerts Server with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or my ISP mail servers?
  • Can employees select the topics they want to be alerted on?


  • Is there a way to export data to Excel/CSV?
  • Can I import my Excel/CSV data from elsewhere?
  • Can I import from QuickBooks?
  • Can I import from Outlook?
  • Can I import from GFI MAX?
  • Can I import from Continuum?
  • Can I import Accounts and Contacts?
  • Can I import Documents?
  • Can I import Items?
  • Does RangerMSP offers an API to use for complex imports?

Remote Access:

  • Does RangerMSP also offer a Web interface?
  • Can I access the portal from phone? tablet? other mobile devices?
  • Can it be used remotely with RDP/VPN/Terminal Services?
  • Can I use SSL with the Web Interface?
  • Do customers have a Web portal to RangerMSP?


  • Is there an easy way to backup my critical data?
  • Will RangerMSP scale as my business grows?
  • Can I use RangerMSP with an SQL back-end?
  • Can I use RangerMSP in my shop for walk-in customers?
  • Does it include support?
  • Is it a very stable application?
  • Is it well documented?
  • Are there frequent upgrades?
  • Are there any video tutorials?

Fully Functional Free Trial?

  • Can I download and try a full version of RangerMSP for free right now?
  • Are all modules, features and options available during the trial?
  • Can I contact your support during my trial?

The answer to all the questions above is YES!

Yes It Can

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