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Channel Partners - Business Opportunity

What is the opportunity in the computer service providers’ market?
Computer service providers with less then 15 employees account for almost 90% of the total number of businesses providing IT related services in the US. These small businesses face CRM packages that are prohibitively priced and are of inferior quality, as well as competitive pressures from small and large rivals alike. As such, most are not using an integrated software solution such as their larger counterparts do, due to the lack of viable affordable and easy-to-use alternatives. RangerMSP delivers the right product for computer service providers with the right pricing and the right features.

What does RangerMSP look for in channel partners?
Important qualities are high motivation and specific knowledge about computer service businesses. Experience in software sales is important as well.

We are a CRM reseller working with small businesses; what does it take to become a channel partner?
Businesses that sell CRM solutions to other businesses are a perfect match for us, particularly those with experience in sales to small business owners.

I am a freelance IT consultant; can I become a channel partner?
Individuals such as IT consultants can be very successful channel partners. Your insider understanding of the IT business is a real advantage.

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