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The Top 10 Reasons Why So Many IT Professionals Select RangerMSP for Their Companies


1. Our Product

Users love the product we offer…
… and we love making a product that makes our users happy!

The RangerMSP team is 100% committed to developing and providing the best software solution for managing small to midsized IT-services, MSPs, and computer-repair businesses. We hire only the best and most experienced developers and make sure they are really user oriented. We follow quality-assurance procedures, offering our customers the most reliable, robust, and easy-to-use solution with the tools IT-services businesses need to excel in today’s market.

“We love your software….The software is great, easy to use, and intuitive.”

Wayne E. Dipper, USA

“I have been searching for almost 20 years for a product like yours. And now that we have been using it, I am totally thrilled with the results.”

Chris Rizzuto, Canada

“Fantastic-I have spent weeks looking for a product, and nothing came close to RangerMSP.”

Paul Norris, New Zealand


2. Our Support

Users love the support we provide…
… and we love providing users with the best support.

We really care about our users and do anything we can to provide the most responsive and high-quality support. We carefully select only the best professionals to join our team, people who understand what good support means and are familiar with the IT industry from both technical and business-management perspectives. Each member of our team is highly trained and will happily provide answers to any questions you may have.

“I have to say, I have never had better product support for any product that I have used. You guys are simply amazing!!!!”

Chris Rizzuto, Canada

“We have searched the globe looking for a CRM like this. We used the presales support daily during our trial period and were amazed at the prompt and courteous responses we received. The RangerMSP support team appears to have endless patience and a good understanding of the day-to-day challenges that face small IT businesses.”

Trent Murray, Australia

“As a customer, I am impressed and appreciative of your ‘Commitment’ to fast and professional customer support.”

David McCoy, USA

“I must commend you guys on always being very helpful and [for] the excellent response times and good, quality replies for all the questions we have.”

Justin Moore, South Africa

“I would like to take this opportunity to say-the support from RangerMSP is excellent. During our selection process of different applications, they took the time to detail the support process and commitment to client resolution of issues. The support team continues to exceed our expectations.”

Myles McNamara, Australia


3. Ease of Use

Our system is easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to maintain…
… and uses your current hardware.

The RangerMSP system is easy to install and maintain, and uses advanced, bulletproof technologies to provide users with a reliable system that requires almost no ongoing maintenance.

The entire RangerMSP setup program takes less than two minutes to run on your PC (a fully functional trial is available here). Only seconds are needed to install the RangerMSP client on your LAN PCs-just create a shortcut to the executable file located on your server/main computer or run the client setup program that actually does exactly this.

Nothing is actually installed on the client PC: no new registry keys, no existing registry keys changes, no COM object registrations, no files are copied to any system folder. . . . Nothing! It’s as clean and easy as can be.

And RangerMSP can be installed and run on your existing hardware! No new hardware is usually required and no dedicated server is needed. You can review the system-requirement specs here.

“I must REALLY compliment you guys on your software! I have tested NO LESS THAN 15 CRM applications and they don’t come close!”

Justin Moore, South Africa


4. Affordable Pricing

RangerMSP is priced so you’ll be able to afford it. RangerMSP’s licensing model is all-inclusive, straightforward and easy to understand.

You can start small and grow anytime. There are no surprises, no sudden price increases everything is known and can be budgeted for.

All RangerMSP features are included to every customer, at every size, using the same simple pricing model.

There are no hidden costs. Our pricing details are publicly displayed online and available for you to review. You can evaluate the pricing and try the system anonymously without talking to a sales rep just to get a quote. Everything is openly displayed here.


5. Our Commitment

We’re committed to the success of your IT business.

RangerMSP is fully committed to providing the best professional-service-automation (PSA) system for small to midsized IT-services, computer-repair, and MSP businesses. By “small to midsized” we mean IT businesses with 1 to 50 employees.

All of our resources are invested in and focused on providing a complete solution for your IT business.

Yes, the RangerMSP system may be used in other industries, however we are completely committed to our target customers-you, the IT guys. We’ll modify our product, train staff, or do anything we can in order to develop and provide you with the right tool for your company.

Do we lose some business by not marketing to other industries?
Some think we do.

Do we make our IT users happier when we focus on their specific business needs only?
We are fully committed to IT users and have no plans to focus on other industries!

Do we lose some business because we don’t sell to large IT companies with hundreds of users?
Some think we do.

Does the RangerMSP system answer the needs of small to midsized IT businesses better this way?
We are fully committed to small to midsized IT businesses and have no plans to focus on large IT companies.

“Thanks for your time and excellent software. I must tell you how much more efficient RangerMSP has made my support and billing operations.”

Michael Ryan, USA


6. We Care

We care about what you have to say.

At RangerMSP we are open to new ideas and welcome any type of feedback.

We see every interaction with our customers as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We listen to your comments and modify our system accordingly.

“The RangerMSP support team appears to have endless patience and a good understanding of the day-to-day challenges that face small IT businesses. Thank you RangerMSP! Keep up the good work.”

Trent Murray, Australia


7. Fast Release Cycles

We release new versions often.

The RangerMSP support team constantly gets great feedback from our users. Our customers actually tell us what new features they would like to see.

We prioritize the requested features based on popularity and other considerations, embed them into new system releases, and release new features almost as soon as they are ready. We don’t hold the feature for our next major release, but rather release them as soon as possible.

If a feature can help our users and make their business more successful, we don’t delay it-we release it.


8. Locally Installed (not hosted)

You host your data on your computers. …Nothing is hosted on our servers.

The RangerMSP system and database are easily installed onto your network computers.

Only you control where and how your critical business data is stored.

Nothing is saved, stored, or kept on our servers.

We are not a hosted solution and have no access to your data.

This is why our customers don’t need to pay any recurring hosting fees that add up to a lot of money over time. Simply use your current investments to maintain and enhance your existing network infrastructure.


9. We’ve Stayed Friendly

We’ve stayed friendly and warm, even as our business has continued to grow.

We’ve been growing our business rapidly, recruiting more and more new customers every day (we are currently serving thousands of IT professionals).

We effectively manage our growth and provide great support and training material on our Web site, including video tutorials, friendly user guides, helpful setup guides, and more. Thanks to our effective management, we have never stopped engaging in warm, personal, and friendly discussions with our users.

“I can’t believe we asked a question and got an answer so fast. Please do not hesitate to ever use us as a reference. We speak highly of your product each time with have strategy meetings with companies similar to ours.”

Ian Zellenrath, Canada

“I must commend you guys on always being very helpful and [on] the excellent response times and good quality replies for all the questions we have.”

Justin Moore, South Africa


10. We’re Upfront

We’re upfront, believe in our product, and provide a free and fully functional trial.

At RangerMSP, we are open about everything we offer.

There is no need to contact a sales rep in order to know what the price is. Pricing is openly available on our Web site here.

There are no surprises. Everything is clear and upfront.

We believe that we offer the best and most affordable solution for small to midsized IT-services businesses.

We provide a fully functional, 30-day free trial. You can be up and running in minutes.

See for yourself why so many IT pros use RangerMSP every day.

Click here now to download your fully functional free trial.