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Customer Information Database

At the heart of RangerMSP lies the Customer Database. All the information for each specific customer is recorded and stored in this central database, and can be accessed by the different users of the system (call receptionists, service reps, sales reps, technicians, management, etc.) through the various modules (Sales & Marketing, Service & Dispatching and Billing). The information in the Customer Database can be imported from external sources and applications.

Some examples of information that can be stored for each customer:

Customer database and CRM in RangerMSP software
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  • Customer profile
  • Status
  • Contact people and their responsibilities
  • Links to other companies (e.g., partners, competitors)
  • References
  • Contracts & billing information
  • Historical data and past correspondences
  • Related documents
  • Proposals & quotes
  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Service tickets
  • Much, much more

Another important feature of the Customer Database is that it can be easily customized to include information that is unique to your business. Users can simply change field labels, add/delete data fields and even create entire new tabs.