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RangerMSP Report Scheduler

Automate sending reports to customers and have the reports and forms you need emailed automatically to your inbox!

Manually generating reports on a regular basis can be tedious and time consuming.

RangerMSP Report Scheduler is available as two modules:


Report Scheduler for Employees

Use the Report Scheduler for Employees to prepare your Reports in advance and have them emailed to you at the defined intervals.

The Report Scheduler for Employees add-on module that was introduced together with RangerMSP 8.0.

This module will save you a lot of time and effort as you no longer have to spend your valuable time manually configuring Reports every time you need one and overall will improve the efficiency of your business by ensuring you have all the Reports you depend on, ready for you to use and always to hand at the appropriate time.


Report Scheduler for Customers

Use the Report Scheduler for Customers to automate sending reports to customers.

Configure a scheduled report, subscribe customers to it and you’re done! From the minute a customer account is subscribed to a scheduled report they will start receiving it by email based on the report schedule and data related to their account. You can also select the exact email recipients that each report will be emailed to.


Examples of Reports you could schedule include:

  • Evening report to technicians of the Tickets scheduled for them for the next day.
  • Weekly report of Assets whose warranty expires next week.
  • Monthly report of coming Contract expirations.
  • Weekly report that lists all Charges that haven’t been billed yet, and should.
  • Daily report of the Quotes won during the day.
  • Mid-day report of all Open tickets which are High Priority.
  • Last 7 days Report on Completed Tickets with no Charges.
  • A weekly report sent each Friday @ 8pm listing all of the different Tickets you’ve been working on for the customer during the week.

  • A monthly report sent at the last day of each month at 4:30pm listing all of the customer Assets that will expire next month.

  • Plus many more!

Want to have a detailed Report on some important part of your business waiting for you when you arrive at the office at 8am on a Monday? Or every day? Or how about one on March 31st every year? Need to know what has happened already or what will happen soon? All this and more is now possible and very easy to setup – just set it and forget it!


  • Increase efficiency with automatic Report generation emailed automatically to you.
  • Save costs by automating manual processes.
  • Improve service by always being on top of everything that matters, when it matters.


  • Generate many different Reports automatically.
  • Have Reports sent to your email at defined intervals.
  • Get Reports by day, week, month, quarter, year or many other ranges.
  • Get Reports created and sent for past and future events.
  • Easily manage & update existing Scheduled Reports.


What are RangerMSP Report Scheduler for Employees System Requirements?
– RangerMSP software 8.0 or later
– Connection to an SMTP mail server

What are RangerMSP Report Scheduler for Customers System Requirements?
– RangerMSP software 11.0 or later
– Connection to an SMTP mail server

Can I use RangerMSP Report Scheduler if my company uses Microsoft Exchange® server?
Yes, the RangerMSP Report Scheduler sends Reports by email using a standard SMTP mail server. MS Exchange Server supports SMTP, and therefore it is compatible with RangerMSP.

Is it hard to set up RangerMSP Report Scheduler?
RangerMSP Report Scheduler is easy to setup, and can be up and running within minutes. All installation instructions are in the RangerMSP Report Scheduler Setup Guide (found here).

Can any RangerMSP Report be scheduled?
Most but not all reports included in RangerMSP can be scheduled.

Can customized report be scheduled?
Yes, any customized report originated from a system report that can be scheduled, can also be scheduled!

Is the filtering window for scheduled reports different?
Yes, the Report Scheduler for Employees filtering Window for reports being scheduled is new and different than the one displayed for regular report printing. It includes a drop down with predefined filtering criterias and when relevant also allows to filter by date and/or employee.

Can I try it?
Yes, RangerMSP trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the RangerMSP Report Scheduler Setup Guide (found here) to install the module.