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RangerMSP Alerts Server

Get notifications. Be in control.

RangerMSP Alerts Server for Employees

This module allows you to activate email notifications which will keep you updated on what’s going on in your system. RangerMSP Alerts Server for Employees removes the need to constantly check your system’s status, since it sends automatic notifications to your inbox. Alerts are triggered by various system events, such as new Tickets, updated Appointments, etc.

Examples of situations where RangerMSP Alerts Server for Employees will send alerts:

  • An Appointment with a customer is postponed
  • You have been assigned to handle a service Ticket
  • An Invoice was created for a customer you are assigned to
  • A service issue was resolved
  • You have been assigned to handle a new Customer
  • A Task was reassigned to someone else
  • A service Ticket was closed and you need to generate an Invoice
  • Your assignment to resolve a service Ticket has been removed
  • The dispatcher scheduled a customer on-site visit for you

Realtime alerting service in CRM software

The RangerMSP Alerts Server for Employees helps you verify that your work flow is being implemented and that everyone is aware of their tasks. Every user can configure their Alert settings to set the cases in which they will receive alerts. A user’s ability to configure their settings is determined by their role in each case. Possible roles include: Account Manager, Ticket Manager, Appointment Manager, and Task Manager.

RangerMSP Alerts Server for Customers

This module sends automatic email alerts to customers when:

  • A new ticket is created
  • A ticket is closed

Users can design and personalize the content of each email alert and also attach a branded PDF file that includes the Ticket description and optionally all related Charges (time/parts/expenses).

In addition, users have full control over who gets notified. Configure default recipients for each customer and have full control of the recipients list at the Ticket level.


  • Increase efficiency with automatic updates to technicians about new jobs or updated appointments

  • Save costs by reducing the number of phone calls needed to update everyone since they are automatically informed by email

  • Improve your service with technicians who will not miss tasks since they are always in the loop

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing faster responses to open issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use RangerMSP Alerts Server if my company uses Microsoft Exchange® server/365 cloud server?
Yes, the RangerMSP Alerts Server sends email alerts using a standard SMTP mail server. MS Exchange Servers support SMTP, and therefore are compatible with RangerMSP Alerts Server.

Can I receive alerts for new Tickets assigned to me?
Yes, any user can configure the cases in which they will receive Alerts, according to their role. You can read more about this in the RangerMSP Alerts Server manual (found here).

Can I receive Alerts for completed Tickets, so that I can immediately bill the customer?
Yes, in addition to personal alerts, you can subscribe to receive alerts for any Ticket which has been opened or closed. You can read more about this in the RangerMSP Alerts Server Manual (found here).

Is it hard to set up RangerMSP Alerts Server?
RangerMSP Alerts Server is easy to setup, and can be up and running within minutes. All installation instructions are in the RangerMSP Alerts Server Setup Guide (found here).

Are there different modules available?
Yes, two modules are available each offer its own functionality: RangerMSP Alerts Server for Employees and RangerMSP Alerts Server for Customers. You can use one or both of these modules.

Can I try it?
Yes, RangerMSP trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the RangerMSP Alerts Server guide (found here) to install the module.