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Email Connector

The Email Connector Module helps you improve the quality and efficiency of your customer service.

RangerMSP Email Connector automatically generates new service Tickets in RangerMSP from incoming customer emails or MSP system automated email alerts. This feature saves time, reduces response time, and as a result increases customer satisfaction.

In addition, RangerMSP Email Connector provides you with an API to the system. This means that you can send XML formatted emails to the system and they will automatically be popped, parsed and processed.

RangerMSP Email Connector pulls incoming emails from your POP3 mail server (including Microsoft® Exchange® servers), processes the email and performs one of the following actions:

  1. Customer Email to Ticket

    The Email to Ticket feature finds the RangerMSP Account/Contact which matches the “From” email address of the incoming email, and automatically creates a new Service Ticket in RangerMSP which is linked to the relevant Account.
    CRM Email Connector flow

  2. Email Threading

    The Email Connector manages email threads for you. If a customer replies to your support email in regards to a specific ticket, or if you, as a technician, reply to the customer, the correspondence will be automatically filed under the ticket in the system and distributed automatically to the recipients defined for the Ticket.
    RangerMSP Email Connector flow

  3. API by Email

    This feature allows you to receive XML formatted emails that will be automatically analyzed by RangerMSP Email Connector, which will then perform the necessary actions prescribed within them. This is an easy to use API for the entire RangerMSP system, which you can use to link to external systems, integrate with your web site so you can convert visitors into Contact records in RangerMSP, and more.
    Automatically convert customer emails into service tickets

  4. Automated Emails & MSP Integration

    The Automated Email feature processes incoming emails that have been sent to the Email Address defined for the Email Connector. The emails processed are usually from automated sources, such as MSP alerting systems, and the Automated Email feature analyzes the content of the emails in order to create the relevant service tickets in RangerMSP.
    The Automated Email feature allows you to easily define a set of rules that will help the system detect automated incoming emails which contain information about specific customers, and create Tickets for them.
    The system can be integrated with leading MSP tools such as Level Platforms™ Managed Workplace®, N-able™ N-central™ , and many others.

From a technical perspective, RangerMSP Email Connector runs on your server as a Windows service and processes incoming emails from your mail server.


  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by responding faster and not missing any incoming email from clients.
  • Save Time by focusing on the issue to solve, not on manual data entry.
  • Save costs by automating manual processes.
  • Be Responsive by automatically providing customers with their service request number and quickly resolving issues.
  • Become more efficient by automating processes.


  • Creates new service Tickets automatically from incoming customer emails.
  • Creates new service Tickets automatically from MSP systems email alerts.
  • Matches the “From” address to an existing RangerMSP Account/Contact.
  • Attaches the original email to the newly created Ticket.
  • All email correspondence is logged under ticket history
  • Processes XML formatted emails (API) so that you can:
    • Integrate RangerMSP with monitoring systems that send formatted alerts.

    • Capture leads on your web site and automatically convert them into new Contacts in RangerMSP.

    • Develop custom applications and let them add/update records in RangerMSP, like adding new Charges, History Notes, updating Task information, creating new service Tickets, and more.

  • Automatically sends responses to clients and provides them with their case numbers.
  • Sends responses to integrated systems.
  • Pulls emails using the standard POP3 protocol (easily used with Microsoft® Exchange® server).
  • Automatically forwards unrecognized emails and errors for manual review by your support team.
  • Easily define a set of rules that will help the system detect automated incoming emails from different MSP systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are RangerMSP Email Connector System Requirements?
– RangerMSP software 4.3 or later
– RangerMSP Email Connector module
– Windows 2003/SBS 2003/2008/Vista Business/XP Pro/Windows7/2012
– Connection to a mail server
– POP3 mail server (including Exchange® servers with POP3 enabled)
– SMTP mail server to send responses and forward unrecognized emails

Can I use RangerMSP Email Connector if my company uses Microsoft Exchange® server?
Yes, RangerMSP Email Connector pulls emails from any POP3 compliant Email Server. MS Exchange Server supports the POP3 protocol and is therefore compatible.

How does the RangerMSP Email Connector handle spam?
Only emails with a verified source (i.e. the “From” email address matches an existing email in the RangerMSP database) will create a new Ticket in the system. All unrecognized emails will be forwarded to a selected mailbox for manual review.
You can also set up any server-side mailbox spam filter so that RangerMSP Email Connector only receives messages that have passed the spam filter.

Is it hard to set up RangerMSP Email Connector?
RangerMSP Email Connector is easy to setup, and can be up and running within minutes. All installation instructions are in the RangerMSP Email Connector Setup Guide (found here).

Can I use RangerMSP Email Connector with encrypted POP3 servers?
Yes. RangerMSP Email Connector supports both non encrypted and SSL based POP3 mail servers.

Can I try it?
Yes, RangerMSP trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the RangerMSP Email Connector guide (found here) to install the module.