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RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link

The RangerMSP-QuoteWerks integration module helps you take full advantage of new business opportunities, increase sales, and helps you grow your company by automating your quoting services.

Using RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link you can generate new QuoteWerks Quotes right from within RangerMSP. With this powerful module, Account and Contact information is easily pushed and included in QuoteWerks Quotes so that you do not have to manually enter client information.

You can also save yourself time and additional steps by easily creating a link between QuoteWerks’ Quotes and RangerMSP Sales Opportunities in order to simultaneously manage both Quotes and Opportunities. The link enables you to update Opportunity amounts based on the linked Quote and to open and display the QuoteWerks Quote right from within RangerMSP.

In addition to speeding up the creation of your Quotes, this integration helps you convert Quotes into sales by giving you the ability to track and manage the entire sales cycle using RangerMSP Sales Opportunities.

With the RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link, you only need to enter data once. Using the integration module not only saves you the time of manually entering data, but it also minimizes the problems of duplicate, redundant and wrong data common with manual data entry. Now, you can use your RangerMSP’s Accounts and Contact data in QuoteWerks Quotes and ensure data accuracy.


  • Save time- by automating processes so you don’t have to do them manually.
  • Increases efficiency – by easily converting business opportunities into Quotes.
  • Increases your profitability – by turning more Quotes into billable charges.
  • Increases your Customer Satisfaction – by helping you respond faster, follow-up sooner, and tailor your quotes to your customers.
  • Minimize the occurrence of duplicate, redundant and wrong data common with manual data entry.

The RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link module enables you to:

  • Create Sales Opportunities in RangerMSP.
  • Create professional and customized QuoteWerks Quotes from RangerMSP’s Sales Opportunities window.
  • Link the QuoteWerks Quotes to RangerMSP’s Sales Opportunities.
  • Easily update RangerMSP’s Opportunity amount to match new Quote amounts.
  • Track Quotes in QuoteWerks or in RangerMSP Opportunities.
  • Once the Quote needs to be turned into a charge, create a Charge in RangerMSP based on the QuoteWerks Quote.
  • Manage complex Sales Opportunities that involves several different QuoteWerks Quotes – all can be linked into a single Sales Opportunity in RangerMSP.
  • Open linked Quotes in QuoteWerks right from within the Sales Opportunity window in RangerMSP.
  • Push RangerMSP’s Account and Contact information into new and existing QuoteWerks Quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for the RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link?
– RangerMSP version 5.6 or higher.
– QuoteWerks version 4.5 build 9.06 or higher.
– License for RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link module.

Which record types are synchronized?
– RangerMSP Accounts and Contacts information can be pushed into Quotes.
– QuoteWerks Quotes are linked to RangerMSP Opportunities.

Is the sync bi-directional?
Yes! The RangerMSP-QuoteWerks integration is bidirectional, giving you the ability to send data to QuoteWerks and to pull data from it.

Can I convert Quotes into Charges?
Yes, once a sale has been approved, you can create a single Charge in RangerMSP from a linked QuoteWerks Quote. Each Charge is created from a single Quote. Once you have converted your Quote into a Charge, you are able to convert the Charge into a QuickBooks Invoice from within RangerMSP (RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link module is required).

Can I try it?
Yes, RangerMSP trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link guide (found here) to use the module.