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Office 365 Calendar Sync for RangerMSP


This plugin offers a DIRECT two-way sync with Office 365 where additions and updates made in one system are synced with the other. Microsoft Outlook® is NOT required.

With this plugin for RangerMSP you insert calendar entries only once – into Office 365 or RangerMSP – and can be assured that the information is synchronized and current in both programs.

Have everyone on your team benefit from the power of Office 365 from anywhere while keeping it fully synced with RangerMSP.

Syncs can be performed using:

  • RangerMSP client app
  • RangerMSP Sync Utility
  • Server side background sync – As part of the “CRM Server” Windows service.



  • Server side background sync – Transparent & Automatic Syncing!
  • DIRECT two-way sync with Office 365.
  • Microsoft Outlook is NOT required!


Additional information

Office 365 Calendar Sync for RangerMSP is a third-party plugin.

While a 3rd party plugin, we, at RangerMSP, realized that this plugin may be useful for a large number of our customers and therefore decided to partner in a higher level from both technical and business levels.

From technical perspectives the Office 365 Calendar Sync for RangerMSP plugin is deeply integrated in RangerMSP. It is technically embedded into RangerMSP at the highest possible level, and as transparently as possible – it runs directly within RangerMSP app and is also integrated into the CRM Server Windows service to allow syncing your 365 calendars automatically and behind the scenes.

From a business perspective, this plugin is fulfilled by RangerMSP.
This means that it is licensed through us and that support for it is provided by us as part of your RangerMSP subscription plan – for no additional fee.


Commonly asked questions

What are the minimum system requirements?
RangerMSP version 23 or above.
A valid and active Office 365 account for each of the users that wish to sync their RangerMSP calendar with their Office 365 calendar.
An Internet connection.

Can some users keep syncing with Outlook while others sync with Office 365?
Yes, while the license for this plugin allows all your RangerMSP employee users to sync directly with Office 365 calendar, it is up to each user to select whether to switch to syncing with 365 or not.

Does the plugin sync in the background?
Yes! You can configure the sync to run in the background on the server directly.
This is implemented as part of the CRM Server Windows service that runs on your server.

Can I trigger a sync using RangerMSP client even if I selected to sync in the background?
Yes, simply activate the sync option from the menu.

Do Contacts and Tasks also sync?
Contacts and Tasks do not sync directly with Office 365. This plugin solely handles calendar syncs. Use the Outlook sync module to sync Tasks and Contacts

Is Outlook needed to be installed on my PC or Server in order for the sync to work?
No, an Outlook installation is not required. The plugin syncs directly with Office 365 over the Internet.

Note: In case you switch from syncing Office 365 calendar with RangerMSP through Outlook, to directly syncing RangerMSP with Office 365 – Then Outlook is required, only ONCE, during this one time transition process.

How does support for this plugin work?
Support is provided normally as part of your RangerMSP subscription or annual coverage plan, and for no additional fee.

How does licensing work?
The plugin required a separate license that grants you with the right to use this plugin with your version of RangerMSP.

RangerMSP licenses – owned or subscription – do not include a license for this plugin.

You select the plugin licensing model that works best for you – A recurring yearly subscription or a one-time fee for owned/perpetual license.
You are free to pick your preferred licensing model for this plugin regardless of your RangerMSP licensing model (i.e. owned/subscription).

How does plugin version upgrades work?
New version updates and upgrades for this plugin are provided for no additional fee as part of your RangerMSP subscription or annual coverage plan.