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Knowledge Base

Help your technicians and clients resolve their problems faster! RangerMSP’s Knowledge Base allows users to manage articles, categorize and attach documents to them, and more, all from within RangerMSP.

RangerMSP’s Knowledge Base is a fully integrated solution, which allows employees or customers to access articles from anywhere-using the client application or the Web interface. This system allows you to turn resolved tickets into articles in a single click. It also offers flexible categorization options, including allowing for new fields to help create your own company-specific category system.

RangerMSP’s Knowledge Base offers the following benefits:

  • Better and faster customer support
    Access to the Knowledge Base provides quicker problem resolution and 24 x 7 Web customer self-service.

  • Reduced operational costs
    When employees and customers can solve problems more independently, call volume is reduced, allowing existing support representatives to service more customers.

  • Reduced employee training time The Knowledge Base enables new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality.

  • Centralized and retained employee knowledge
    Knowledge base prevents knowledge from disappearing when an employee leaves the company.


Integrated Knowledge Base in RangerMSP software
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  • A Fully Integrated Solution
    • Manage your knowledge base using RangerMSP’s client application.
    • Use a Web browser to access the Knowledge Base via the Web interface.
    • Turn resolved tickets into an article in a single click!
    • 24 x 7 Web customer self-service.
    • Attach documents of any format to articles (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, etc.).

  • Flexible Privilege Management
    • Permit technicians to view their articles only, or allow specific technicians to view all employee articles.
    • Choose whether you want to allow or deny customers access to Knowledge Base articles.
    • Allow customers with Knowledge Base access to download attachments.

  • Editing Options
    • Edit your article directly from within RangerMSP client application or via the Web interface.
    • Utilize RangerMSP’s pre-programmed spell-checker.
    • Insert active links and URLs into the text.

  • File Attachment
    • Attach documents of any format to articles (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, etc.).
    • Access attachments from the client application or via the Web interface.

  • Categorization of Knowledge Base Articles
    • Place articles into a category by which they can be searched, enhancing the accuracy of search results.
    • Set the status of articles to Draft, Published, or Obsolete, narrowing down search results.

  • Knowledge Base Search Quality Features
    • “Full Text” searches look through all text, including titles, summaries, and keywords.
    • Basic and Advanced search options lets users perform quick or more involved searches of their own choosing.
    • RangerMSP’s Natural Language Engine helps users obtain better search results by eliminating unimportant words.

  • User-defined Fields
    • Add additional data fields to articles, allowing for more company-specific categories by which articles may be searched and organized.

  • Print Articles
    • Print or just view printer-friendly articles, using article reports.
    • Print article lists and summaries.
    • Customize the printed layouts and formats.

  • Import
    • Save time! Import knowledge base articles from various data sources including Excel® files.