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Like all good stories, ours starts with a villain. While not of the comic book variety, this villain is no less troubling. Preying on small, growing and midsized IT businesses, the bad guy in our story goes around stealing either time or money from companies worldwide.

As an IT support and software development company, we experienced the attack of this villainous fiend first hand. You see, the more we successfully serviced our customers, the more business we acquired, but the more business that came our way, the less we were able to effectively and efficiently manage our company.

We came to recognize this impasse as the work of our nameless nemesis.

This evil scoundrel made it difficult for us to provide customized support for our growing client roster while coordinating our complicated and time consuming organizational activities. We didn’t know how to combat our foe without adding more hours to the day or finding a hidden treasure trove from which we could pay additional staff. How else could we simultaneously optimize our workforce, capture more billable time, and manage our ticketing, dispatching, billing and sales tracking activities?

Trying to keep our adversary from winning was an exhausting task. Instead of giving in however, our innovative developers decided to get even by developing RangerMSP, a powerful professional services automation (PSA) software solution, built specifically for IT services providers, managed services providers (MSPs) and computer repair shops.

While RangerMSP doesn’t come with a cape or a secret identity, our reliable and straightforward software solution vanquished the villain of our story, one robust feature at a time.

With our arch rival’s demise, we knew that RangerMSP was something special – something that should be made available to other small to midsize IT services providers struggling with similar enemies of their own.

So, in 2004, we officially launched RangerMSP to automate processes and streamline the management of IT solution providers’ activities at an affordable price.

To date, RangerMSP has helped thousands of IT professionals around the world bring down their respective rogues. Armed with powerful features that reduce operating costs while increasing profitability, RangerMSP also integrates with Intuit® Quickbooks®, Microsoft® Office® and Outlook® and a number of other leading, remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools. Further strengthening the potency of our software solution, RangerMSP also offers a Web interface and an open API around which various third-party developers build successful companies.

Because we understand that the challenges faced by IT businesses evolve, every new version of RangerMSP is updated to include cutting edge features to help our customers bring down the more current versions of their villains.

Committed to you, the small to midsize IT services’ business owner, our software solution is reliable, easy to install and navigate, affordable, and always backed by our professional, dedicated and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Like us, and the thousands of RangerMSP users worldwide, you no longer have to turn to large corporations for expensive and complicated IT business management solutions to tackle your villainous problems.

With RangerMSP, you can easily, efficiently and affordably automate, integrate and grow.

Now, isn’t that a happy ending?

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