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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Personalize your customers’ experiences and strengthen your customer relationships.

Accounts and Contacts Database

Easily track customers, suppliers, contractors and employees, including contact details, relationships with other entities and linked assets/devices, in a centralized database. Attach documents, images, videos and email messages related to your Accounts.

Account Histories

Save time using the Account’s Preview feature to see entire Account histories, including related service tickets, appointments, charges, documents, sales’ histories and more.

Customer Web Portal

Empower customers and spend less time responding to inquiries when customers can access their Accounts in your branded Web customer portal. Customers can open new Tickets, see scheduled technician visits, review their histories, managed assets and logged charges, and the status of their billing contracts based on the user privileges you assign them.

Reports and Statistics Board

Provide customers with professional looking reports about their assets, histories and charges.

Build and improve your service and business by using RangerMSP Reports and Statistics Board to analyze key performance indicators, like technician performance, statistics about Tickets and time spent on various services. Reports and their layouts can be customized using the built-in Report Designer.

Service Management

Run all operations more efficiently, stay organized and manage dates and deadlines.


Easily manage the entire life cycle of your service tickets from their creation to resolution.
Resolve service ticket faster by tracking Ticket statuses, due dates and priorities, getting instant access to the entire service history of the faulted device (asset) and by searching for similar issues that have been resolved.
Save time by letting your customers open service Tickets using the Customer Web Portal and by automatically converting your customer emails into tickets.


Optimize technicians’ schedules with the graphic Dispatcher board by easily identifying available technicians and dispatching pending-dispatching Tickets by dragging them to selected technicians’ calendars. Dispatch Tickets based on priorities, regions and more. RangerMSP calendars can be synced with Outlook and Alerts Server automatically sends email alerts to technicians about every change in their Calendar.

Knowledge Base

Respond to customer inquiries faster with easy access to your business’ knowledge base of resolution descriptions and related documents. Also, with a single click, convert any resolved Ticket into a knowledge base article for future reference.

Asset Management

Easily track your customers’ hardware and software assets. Manage product configuration details, warranty information, maintenance and service histories, serial numbers and much more. See the entire service history for each Asset.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Integrate with popular RMM systems to manage all issues within RangerMSP. Eliminate duplicate data, entry errors and the need to continuously use multiple platforms. Depending on the RMM system you use, alerts and failed monitoring events may automatically convert into new RangerMSP Tickets. Tickets may automatically link to their monitored device records (assets) in RangerMSP.

Email-to-Ticket and a Complete Ticket Email Threading

Automatically convert customer emails into RangerMSP service Tickets to reduce your workload. An auto-response email is automatically sent to your customers with the newly created Ticket number. Technicians can reply to Tickets by email from anywhere. The entire email thread with the customer is automatically logged under the Ticket.
Manage email recipients and provide a great service to your customers while on the go with RangerMSP Email Connector.

Alerts Server

Get real-time email notifications about Tickets assigned to you, new or updated Calendar schedules, changes to Accounts you manage and more.

Provide superior customer service by sending automatic, customizable email alerts to your customers when Tickets are opened or closed.


Maximize your revenue by easily tracking time, expenses and parts’ charges. Use RangerMSP to manage customized billing agreements and pricing arrangements

Tracking Time and Material

Use intuitive tools to capture more billable time and track parts while resolving customer issues. Use the Timer to capture the exact time you spend on an issue and convert it into a labor Charge with just one click. Print billing reports and forms, analyze services provided by customer or technician, track products and parts sold.

Service Contracts and Recurring Billing

Easily create customized and recurring billing agreements with RangerMSP Contracts.

Let the system automatically track blocks of time, blocks of money or blocks of tickets contracts for you.

Track managed services (MSP) contracts including their price, based on the type and quantity of devices being managed.

Contracts terms are automatically applied against your customers’ Charges to expedite and simplify the billing process.

RangerMSP alerts you when servicing a customer with an overage block or expired Contract.

Custom Pricing

Hassle free billing! Create custom price settings, including unique hourly rates, discounts and markups, at customer or contract levels. Let RangerMSP automatically apply custom pricing settings to Charges logged by technicians so you don’t have to worry about manually applying unique pricing arrangements.

QuickBooks ® Integration

A powerful two-way integration with Intuit QuickBooks lets you seamlessly generate QuickBooks’ invoices from within RangerMSP.

Reduce errors by keeping your QuickBooks’ Customers and Items in sync with RangerMSP.

Save time with RangerMSP’s Batch-Invoice-Creation wizard that lets you generate one to hundreds of QuickBooks invoices at one time with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Sales Management

Win more sales and increase revenues by using RangerMSP’s sales related options.

Sales Opportunities

Easily manage all Sales Opportunities in RangerMSP, including Opportunity details,
statuses, referrals, involved parties and applicable relationships and documents. Manage your sales’ pipeline and stay on top of all your sales tasks to win new business.


Produce professional looking and branded Quotes using RangerMSP’s internal Quoting features or the RangerMSP-QuoteWerks integration to acquire business from new or returning customers.

Follow-up Alerts

Never miss out on a Sales Opportunity, appointment, task or meeting with scheduled reminders about important activities and opportunities.

Organizing Leads

Categorize all of your Accounts and leads so that you can filter your contacts by categories for targeted mass promotions, marketing campaigns and e-newsletters.


Take advantage of today’s technologies to manage your workflow from anywhere, so that you can live on the go while running a successful business.

Web Interface for Technicians

Manage your business from anywhere accessing RangerMSP’s Web Interface from any Web Browser.

Mobile Device Sync of Contacts and Calendars

Manage calendars and contacts with your native mobile device applications and have it two-way synced with RangerMSP through Outlook/Exchange and RangerMSP-Outlook Sync.

Reply to Tickets from Mobile Devices

Always provide your customers with timely responses by replying to Tickets using any email application and use CommiCRM Email Connector to distribute it emails customers and file them under the Ticket in spite of your location.

Customize, Enhance, Integrate & Grow

Get the unique combination of tools you need by customizing RangerMSP using its assortment of customization options, its open APIs and third party integrations.

Customization Options

From tab titles to work order templates, branding options, new data fields and tabs, layout views, field labels, filter settings and drop-down value lists customization, RangerMSP is designed to empower you to customize the PSA to best fit your needs and goals.

Open APIs

With RangerMSP’s easy to use API you can easily build unique additions, modules or extensions to enhance RangerMSP’s functionality or integrate it with other programs you use.


RangerMSP integrates with leading quoting, accounting, RMM and office software,
including, but not limited to: Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Suite, GFI MAX, QuoteWerks, Continuum RMM, and more.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions and base our development roadmap on the feedback we get from our community.
New versions of RangerMSP are released multiple times a year to ensure that
RangerMSP users benefit from new technologies and exciting enhancements on a
regular basis.