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IT Service Management, CRM and Billing for IT Services Providers, MSPs and Repair Shops

RangerMSP is an affordable professional service automation (PSA), CRM, service, dispatching, contracts and billing software solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized IT Services Providers who –

  • Provide maintenance services
  • Handle customer support calls and on-site visits

  • Perform local repairs
  • Manage Service Contracts and need full control over their status

  • Provide outsourcing of IT support services

  • Manage IT projects
  • Sell hardware and off-the-shelf

  • Provide managed services (MSP)
  • Track Customers’ Assets – Equipment, Software, Subscriptions

  • Bill customers for labor, expenses, products and parts

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Satisfy Customers
Your customers will receive a higher level of service as well as greater visibility into the services they have received and the associated costs

Increase Revenues & Always Get Paid
by controlling customers’ debts and keeping track of services provided to each specific customer according to its service contract and by easily managing and analyzing all charges, including labor, expenses and parts

Increase Productivity
by: dispatching the right technician to the right call; measuring the technician’s productivity; letting remote technicians using a web browser manage their assigned tickets, schedules and tasks, add new charges and view customer information; and reducing the number of customer “status” phone calls since customers can view their status and add new tickets online using a web browser.

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Customer Management in RangerMSP
Manage Customers

Smart Dispatching
Dispatch Smarter

Personalize relationships by centrally managing Accounts, Contacts and Leads together with ALL their related data.

Win new sales by tracking Sales Opportunities  

Manage service contracts and analyze their profitability. Automatically track contracts by their type: start date and end date, block of time, block of tickets, block of money

Tracking Service Tickets and Jobs in RangerMSP
Track Service Tickets

Sale Opportunities
Win More Sales

Provide a better service and increase customer loyalty by efficiently managing all incidents and closing them faster

Be efficient by dispatching open tickets to the right technicians

Know your customers by easily viewing a complete customer history log: Phone call summaries, past appointments, completed tasks, sent documents and emails, charged services and more in one single list

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Asset Management - Track Customers' Equipment
Track Customers’ Equipment

Capture more billable time with RangerMSP
Capture More Billable Time

Organize your company price list for products and services

Increase revenues by easily entering charges for labor services, expenses, products and parts

Be more competitive by identifying your profitable products and services

Track Warranties with RangerMSP
Track Warranties

Charge tracking - Labor, Parts and Expenses
Easily Track and Manage Charges

Save time and meet deadlines by managing employees’ calendars and tasks

Eliminate paperwork! Easily manage and find all document types including MS-Word®, MS-Excel, presentations, emails, scanned documents, etc.

Improve results by generating reports and analyzing graphs

RangerMSP has everything you need to gain greater control of your IT Services business and increase efficiency

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Web Interface for Employees and Customers

Syncs with Outlook®

For Your IT Business
Our goal is to provide the best Computer Service Business Management Solution designed for small to mid sized businesses (SMB). We are continuously developing new features and modules to enrich our offering for IT Service Providers and to provide them with the most advanced and efficient solution for running their business.

The Right Model and Price
RangerMSP has a special small business licensing model. You can install RangerMSP client on your network on as many desktops and laptops as needed, and enjoy access to the shared data from all of them.