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RangerMSP - Xero Link

Using Xero as your online accounting system? With RangerMSP-Xero Link you can easily export invoices to Xero and streamline customer billing processes.

RangerMSP-Xero Link features:

  • Easily export Xero invoices based on charges entered in RangerMSP.
  • Batch Invoicing – Save time by exporting any number of Xero invoices at once.

  • Invoicing at different levels:
    • Account – Invoices may include any charges linked to this account, its contracts and tickets.

    • Contract – Invoices at the Contract level may include only charges which are linked to a specific contract.

    • Ticket – Iinvoicing at the Ticket level may include only charges which are linked to a specific ticket.

  • See total unbilled pending charges according to Account, Contract and Ticket.
  • Select which charges to include in the invoice.
  • Start the invoicing process directly from the Account, Contract, or Ticket windows in RangerMSP.
  • View all charges included in a Xero invoice by filtering them by the invoice reference value.
  • Easily cancel exported invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any additional components to use RangerMSP-Xero Link?
No, technically you can use RangerMSP-Xero Link immediately, there is nothing else to install.

Can I use RangerMSP-Xero Link from every PC on my local network?
Yes. RangerMSP-Xero Link can be used from any networked PC on your LAN that runs RangerMSP and has Internet access.

Can I try it?
Yes, RangerMSP trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the RangerMSP-Xero Link guide (found here) to use the module.