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Password Manager

The RangerMSP Password Manager feature provides an end-to-end solution to track and manage passwords, in a secure and elegant way. It allows you to control the access to passwords, track passwords usage, and more.

Using Password Manager in RangerMSP you can:

  • Centrally store and manage passwords securely.
  • Manage passwords for Accounts and Assets.
  • Easily search for passwords.
  • Securely manage and access passwords from your mobile device using the Web portal.
  • Protect which users can access which passwords.


  • A central Password Manager window.
  • ‘Passwords’ tabs under Accounts and Assets.
  • Passwords are protected by privileges, a passphrase and security tokens.
  • Audit log – See detailed usage logs globally as well as per password.
  • Versioning – Complete version history of each password.
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automate – Easily execute URL/commands and have credentials embedded in them automatically.