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Sage 50 Sync for RangerMSP

Developed especially for RangerMSP and Sage Accounts 50 users, SageSync for RangerMSP imports all your billing items from RangerMSP and sends them to Sage Accounts 50 ready for posting.

SageSync has a seamless integration using the RangerMSP API and Sage Accounts API, there’s no awkward configuration or learning curve to go through either. Simply enter your Sage credentials and RangerMSP path and you’re ready to go!

Creating and sending invoices is one of the most important jobs you’ll do in your business. The longer it takes to send your invoices, the longer it takes to get paid, thus affecting cash flow, which can make things difficult for a small business.

Invoicing can also be very time-consuming, which won’t get any easier as you bring more and more customers on board. If you’re creating your invoices by copying and pasting information from RangerMSP to Sage it can be very easy to make mistakes, and inaccurate invoicing can put further delays on getting paid or worse still, leave you out of pocket.

SageSync makes sending invoices to Sage easy, whether it’s two or three, or five thousand it only takes a few minutes to send all your charges to Sage, creating any missing customers in Sage and marking charges as billed in RangerMSP as they’re processed.

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