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RepairTech for RangerMSP

RepairTech makes automated computer repair software specifically for IT Professionals. RepairTech’s product, TechSuite, enables technicians to automate over 300 commonly used repair utilities. Simply select what you want to run, click start, and sit back and relax while an itemized HTML report is generated detailing the results. TechSuite can help you fix more computers in less time by maximizing efficiency and standardizing the repair process.


The RepairTech integration to RangerMSP automatically files your TechSuite Reports under RangerMSP Tickets using the RangerMSP Email Connector.

Integration Features:

  • Save Time by automatically filing TechSuite’s Reports under RangerMSP.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by providing them with a detailed Report.
  • Increase Profitability by fixing more computers in less time.
  • Increase Consistency by standardizing and automating your repair process.

RepairTech-TechWARU-main screen