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CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link

CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link

CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link module offers a direct integration with GFI MAX.

The integration can link GFI MAX Site and Device information with CommitCRM’s Account and Asset respectively, in real time. This integration module has been developed by CommitCRM and is based on GFI MAX’s API.

The integration enables you to manage all RMM Tickets from within CommitCRM to streamline your workflow. Failed Checks in GFI MAX are automatically converted into service Tickets in CommitCRM. Also, the information about Devices and Sites that is recorded in GFI MAX is automatically sent to CommitCRM, and you can easily select whether to link or import the data into CommitCRM.


  • Easily link GFI MAX Sites and Devices to CommitCRM Accounts and Assets.
  • Automatically syncs GFI MAX failed checks to CommitCRM Tickets.
  • Allows you to manage all issues (RMM events and standard Tickets) from within the Tickets module in CommitCRM.

  • Failed Checks status changes in GFI MAX automatically update the Tickets in CommitCRM.
  • Saves you time and helps you avoid duplicates and errors common in manual data entry by automatically sharing data between GFI MAX and CommitCRM.

  • Event Logging which reports all events received and sent by the CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link module, including arriving failed checks, skipped failed checks and failed-checks updates.

  • Skip rules so you can define a condition in which the system will ignore failed checks that you don’t want any Ticket created for. All failed checks are still reported to the RMM Event Log.

  • Integrated with Labels for automatically assigning a default label to Tickets created by the GFI MAX Link.

See the video below for more on how to configure the CommitCRM-GFI MAX integration:



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for the CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link?
– CommitCRM version 5.7 or higher.
– An active account with GFI MAX.
– License for CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link module.

Which record types are synchronized?
– CommitCRM Accounts are linked to GFI MAX Sites.
– CommitCRM Assets are linked to GFI MAX Devices.

Is the sync bi-directional?
GFI MAX automatically opens a Ticket in CommitCRM under the relevant Account when a check fails and it is then managed only in CommitCRM. Failed Checks status updates in GFI MAX automatically update the corresponding Ticket in CommitCRM. When the Ticket in CommitCRM is closed it has no effect on anything regarding the failed check in GFI MAX.

Can I try it?
Yes, CommitCRM trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the CommitCRM-GFI MAX Link (Maxfocus) guide (found here) to use the module.