The Power of PSAs

As a techie, you probably love TLAs, also known as three letter acronyms. Terms like CAL (client access licence), NAT (network address translation), PDF (portable document format), and VPN (virtual private network) are probably commonly used by you in your line of work. But what about PSA? Are you using a professional services automation software in your business?

PSAs are a newer addition to the world of business automation software. Often designed to be industry-specific, PSAs are a way of integrating the management of all of your office’s tasks. At our office, we created the CRM and PSA software to offer a fully integrated PSA system to help small to mid-sized IT services and managed services providers (MSP) manage projects, service and expense tracking, billing, tasks, technician dispatching and CRM related operations.

What’s so incredible about PSAs is that these software solutions help you maximize your time and resources while maximizing your relationship with your customers. In other words, truly functional PSAs are software solutions at their finest because they transform technology into silent business partners, into deputies of business management tasks.

So, how do you go about choosing the right deputy to join your team? How do you determine which PSA fits your needs the best?

When shopping around for PSAs, it is important to consider the following variables to make sure you select the PSA system that will most benefit your company:

  • Affordability
  • While 80% of small to mid-sized business owners in the United States polled by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) said that they see automation software as being the key to the success and growth of their companies, nearly 50% find that the initial investment in the software is too high. Moreover, over a third of the business owners polled also complained that they find the maintenance costs of the software, including updates, is higher than they anticipated.

    Because of the wide range of contract types and prices associated with the various PSAs on the market, it is crucial to evaluate the affordability of PSAs prior to purchasing them. As such, we make sure that there is complete transparency so that you know what your costs will be upfront. We also make sure that we do all that we can to keep our solution for MSPs affordable. If you would like to learn more about the affordability of our offering, please click here.

  • Functionality and Usability
  • About 50% of PSA users find that their PSA systems are too complicated to match their
    daily needs. From the reports being too difficult to customize, to the software being so complex that they require upwards of one month to install and run the PSA software, it is important to make sure that the PSA you select actually helps you streamline your workflow and provides you with the time saving features you need.

    You should try to select an easy-to-use software that enables you to perform tasks quickly and that allows you to streamline your business. Remember, it makes more sense to select your PSA based on your actual needs.

    In addition to making sure that your PSA fits your needs, it is also equally important to
    make sure that your PSA software is easy to navigate and use. At our company, we try to ensure the usability and functionality of our software by offering online user guides, video tutorials and community forums to ensure that users can learn from the company and each other on ways to best integrate CRM into their workflow so that the PSA’s benefits can be maximized.

  • Compatibility
  • In addition to considering the price of a PSA system and the tools the system actually provides, it is also important to consider the PSA’s vendor because along with your PSA, you are actually choosing a third party partner for your company.

    Your PSA’s provider is the entity that will help you take advantage of your PSA system; the provider will help you learn how to employee the PSA properly. The provider is also the entity that can derive from you how best to improve the system in the future to better meet your needs.

    We understand these needs, and try to ensure that our company provides you with accessible and customer oriented service. Always. From our quick-response email support, to our forums, demos, videos and guides, we try to make sure that we are always accessible to our clients. Moreover, we listen to our customers and take their feedback into account when developing new versions of the software. We understand that access to customer support is a crucial element of selecting the most appropriate PSA for your company and we make sure to live up to our customers’ expectations.

    Keeping these three factors in mind, we encourage you to explore the wonderful and exciting world of PSA technologies. The time efficiency and assistance that PSAs, such as our PSA software, provide to their users will impress you and make running your company much more manageable and profitable.

    Until next time,
    -Success Team

    For more information about the PSA software for managed services providers, click here

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