Mobility and Your PSA

This may be old news to you, but mobile devices are overtaking computers on Wi-Fi networks. According to Meraki, a cloud networking provider, mobile devices now account for 58% of devices on Wi-Fi networks. If you are wondering what contributed to the astounding increase in mobile device activity from 32% in 2010 to today’s 58%, we would like to share with you our theory: portability.

Portable technologies have been evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, transforming our expectations along with them. Not so long ago, the world was humbled by the introduction of the Walkman and other comparable portable music devices. Then, came the miracle of the cellular phone. Each one of these advancements however, only impressed us for a short while, because the limits of portable technology are being continuously pushed. Now, we live in a time in which instant access has become a way of life. Our wireless, portable reality is no longer limited to music or phone calls. Now, for information, communication, recreation, and everything in between, we expect that we can always be connected through portable devices so that we can mange everything from work to emails to fun while on the go.

As an IT services provider, the need to stay constantly connected is even more crucial. As part of your profession, it is incumbent upon you to stay current on tech trends and new technologies, so if your CPA clients are able to take care of various tasks on their mobile devices, so should you. Consequently, whether you’re managing your customer relationships or service requests, you need to make sure that you are able to take your clients and your work on the road with you.

With our CRM, we provide you with various methods of staying in touch with your customers and managing your workflow while on the go. Email Connector, for example, is one of our professional services automation’s (PSA’s) handiest portable features that helps simplify your workflow while providing you with mobility.

The Email Connector feature offers three automation features that help you manage your business remotely, by using any device’s email management tools, including mobile devices. With the Email Connector, you can:

Create A Ticket

A customer can submit an initial support request via email. With CRM Email Connector, a new Ticket is automatically generated in CRM and the customer is immediately sent an automated response to the support request that includes the Ticket number for future reference. Email Connector also automatically distributes the ticket to all of the Ticket Recipients, so you can receive an email notification to your mobile device that a service ticket has been opened and filed under a ticket number.

Corresponde with Technicians and Customers

Email Connector can also manage email threads, if the ticket number in the subject line matches a ticket in the software Ticket database. Whether you want to respond to your customer or your customer wants to add information to a ticket or respond to an email from you, Email Connector can enable all of the emails to be managed and stored under the corresponding ticket as long as the email subjects contain the ticket number. Most importantly, with Email Connector, every technician can reply to tickets using their mobile devices and the reply is sent to all of the relevant recipients, including customers and other technicians. You never have to worry about keeping all of the relevant technicians and customers in the loop. Email Connector takes care of the organization and forwarding of communication for you, automatically storing all of the correspondence under the Ticket in this help desk solution.

Add Notes or Comments to a Ticket

With Email Connector, you can manage the content of the ticket’s history and the information that is disseminated from the comfort of your mobile device and with the ease of sending an email. If, for example, you want to add a file or note to a ticket without distributing the information to the ticket’s entire list of external recipients, you can do so by emailing the data to the support email address and Cc or Bccing the Email Connector. The only other requirement, is that you include the ticket number in the email’s subject. In doing so, Email Connector automatically adds your text to the ticket’s history without forwarding the message to the ticket’s external recipient list.
With the various challenges of running a business, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to keep your business’ software current enough to meet society’s standards and your business’ needs. In fact, you should never have to worry about your software. It’s your software provider’s job to worry about your software for you.

We are dedicated to keeping our PSA’s and CRM’s software features contemporary, functional, and easy-to-use. As technologies continue to rapidly evolve, providing us with more efficient ways to manage tasks and an increasingly mobile lifestyle, our PSA software advances too. We are committed to giving our users access to performance enhancing, time saving technologies that keep up with the times. We look forward to continuing to highlight more of our features, including additional mobility modules, in the future.

Unit next time,
Success Team

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