The Age of Sharing

Once upon a time, thoughts were intended for internal or personal discourse; thoughts weren’t meant to be disseminated to the public. Today however, influenced by Social Media outlets, humanity has been transformed. Now, we believe in full disclosure, and not just to our friends and family. Our thoughts and activities should be shared with the world. So, you ate a Greek omelet with Feta cheese and Kalamata olives for breakfast? That’s worth a Tweet to your 344 Followers. Spotted Mark Zuckerberg’s doppelganger at your corner market? That’s a mobile photo upload and Facebook status waiting to happen! Per status update, your cousin Becks finally landed a job? “Like.” Soon, you will even be able to express your approval of a website created solely for the purpose of selling origami flowers with Google’s +1 feature.

With all of the sharing happening around us, we have decided to share with you a few thoughts, limiting the character count of each revelation to Twitter’s 140 character cap. So, here goes:

1 – The opposite of lazy isn’t productive, its PSA, perseveringly & sedulously active (aka professional services automation software). (130 characters)

2 – If you’re scratching your head at our use of the word sedulously, youre not alone. We’re showing off our lexicon to impress you. Did it work? (140 characters)

3 – To manage a competitive IT or MSP business of any size, you really need a quality PSA … the software solution, that is. (121 characters)

4 – Automation software lets you free up your schedule so that you can bill more time instead of spending your time managing your billing. (134 characters)

5 – Our CRM and PSA software offers affordable & robust automation solutions specifically designed for small-midsized IT services providers and MSPs. (130 characters)

6 – With the PSA software, manage everything from customer relationships, to RMM tickets, on-site & remote service calls, dispatching & invoicing! (136 characters)

7 – The solution enables you to sync your data with other software. (60 characters)

8 – With the Web Interface, employees can access any privileged accounts, ticketing, billing, and history information from any computer! (132 characters)

9 – With the Customer Web Portal, customers can create/update tickets and view appointment and billing information from any computer. (129 characters)

10 – Since we don’t have the superpower to freeze time, we created the software to free up time so you can fill everyday w more work, fun & profit! (139 characters)

11 – Even without superpowers, we are still able to dominate skill games like online games Shift & Portal, and real-life games like Set & Risk. (138 characters)

12 – At our office, we “Like” doing our work, hearing back from happy customers, drinking coffee and raiding the kitchen for snacks! (134 characters)

13 – We are addicted to tech blogs. We read just about everything. No, seriously! (77 characters)

14 – Providing our customers with dedicated and professional customer support is both our priority and source of company pride. (122 characters)

15 – Most notable, we are obsesses with trying new and fun ways to tell you about us and our PSA solution. Hope you’re enjoying our creativity! (139 characters)

Thanks for joining us as we shared some thoughts with you. Don’t forget to “Like” or Retweet today’s post to your Friends and Followers if our content resonated with you.

Until next time!
Success Team

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