CRM and PSA Software: Affordable and Advantageous

We thought about using the Billboard Top 100 as inspiration and bombarding you with the top-100 reasons that our CRM is the professional services automation (PSA) software solution selected by so many IT professionals to help them run their businesses, but we reconsidered when our lexicon conservation consultant called the idea excessive. We then thought about channeling our inner Dick Clark to provide you with a countdown of our top-40 favorite features, but that idea was also abandoned when one of our staffers told us that the number 40 reminds him of his deceased iguana, Alanzo. Instead of quibbling over numbers, we’ve settled on highlighting just one of the reasons that our software has become one of the leading management software solutions for small to midsized IT service providers.

Our CRM and PSA software offers an easy-to-use and robust set of automation tools while maintaining an unparalleled price point. Compared to most major CRM and PSA providers, we are affordable. Period. Whether you are a multi-technician operation or a company of one, our fully functional PSA offers you an abundance of easy-to-use and powerful tools at an extremely competitive price.

The natural response to our proclamation is “If your software is really competitive and robust, how do you keep your CRM so affordable?” On your behalf, we’d like to take a minute to answer this very question

By reading our blog, to-date, you’ve probably already figured out that we aren’t into excess. We don’t believe in flashy sales pitches, or massive expo displays. We are a down-to-earth community looking to produce a product in which we believe. We happily forgo big hype for hyper inflation, enabling us to bring you a comprehensive and fully functional PSA solution at an affordable price.

Of course we would love to send our sales and marketing executives from city to city to socialize, mingle and market at road shows and PSA community events and meetings, but we choose to make you the focus of our company instead. And for you, the software’s price tag is a whole lot more important than the amount of face time you get with our company’s executives. So, instead of charging more for our CRM software in order to cover our travel budget, we keep our prices as affordable as possible by using today’s online global world to interact with our customers.

We also ensure that our software is easy to use and affordable by creating an incredibly stable and easy to navigate system. These factors help us reduce our customer support expense so that we can maintain or affordable price point without compromising the quality of our software or our customers’ experiences. Similarly, we save our customers both time and money by optimizing our customer care with a prompt email support service and by providing easy to follow user guides and video demos online.

Most importantly however, we understand that when you choose to invest in a CRM or PSA software for your IT services business, you are making the decision to invest time and money to strengthen and grow your company. You want to be able to better your response time, improve your business margins and save money by automating tasks, and, in an ideal world, the payoffs on your investment in a PSA are achieved swiftly and with ease.

Our committed, professional and experienced staff is dedicated to transforming this desire into a reality. We keep CRM’s layout and functionality user-friendly, so that our users do not have to spend weeks or months learning to navigate our PSA software. Also, we listen to our customers’ feedback so that we can constantly improve our software. The multiple, new versions of CRM that we release every year incorporate features and changes based on your input, so every new, price conscious version of CRM is increasingly tailored to you. That we can provide multiple versions of CRM a year while maintaining our affordability is due to our well-seasoned staffers whose aptitude and experience helps us serve you better, faster and more efficiently.

At our company, we care about maintaining our reputation of putting our clients first. As such, we make sure that our CRM is always fully functional, easy-to-use and affordable, so that we can truly be your partner as you automate your IT business and succeed!

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