Growing Your IT Business with CRM and QuoteWerks

Who doesn’t like the idea of growth? Whether you’re a child hoping to finally be tall enough to ride the latest roller coaster, a wrestler hoping to grow enough to make it into the next weight class, or a business person hoping to grow your company, we all recognize that growth is essential to achieving our goals.

Likewise, we are preoccupied with growth, and continuously attempt to grow our professional services automation (PSA) solution, so that it can continue to be a leading business management tool for IT professionals and managed services providers. As part of augmenting our offering, we developed a new integration with Aspire Technology, Inc.’s sales quoting and proposal software, QuoteWerks. Not only does this new integration help us expand the features our PSA provides our users, but the new QuoteWerks Link also helps ensure that our users will have an easier and more time conscious way of growing their companies.

So that you can start benefiting from the QuoteWerks Link right away, we would like to take this opportunity to explore this new module with you.

For starters, what is the QuoteWerks Link and what does it do?

The QuoteWerks Link is an exciting integration that enables our mutual CRM and QuoteWerks users to take advantage of QuoteWerks’ advanced sales quoting technologies while managing all the Sales Opportunities in our CRM, along with all other business management activities. With this new Link, you can easily create and adjust QuoteWerks Quotes from within our CRM by linking QuoteWerks’ Quotes to our CRM Sales Opportunities. The QuoteWerks Link also gives you the ability to create Quotes/Sale Opportunities from either QuoteWerks or the CRM, while tracking sale stages and billing customers from within our CRM.

How does the QuoteWerks Link work?

Within our CRM’s Opportunities window, there are two QuoteWerks icons. The first icon enables you to work within the app on a selected Opportunity and link the Opportunity to QuoteWerks Quotes. The second icon enables you to work on QuoteWerks Quotes and link all activities performed in QuoteWerks to specified Opportunities.

Whether you choose to work from within the CRM app or QuoteWerks, by using the bi-directional integration, you only have to enter data, including Account/contact information, once. Account and Contact information is easily pushed from the CRM to QuoteWerks so that you no longer have to manually enter client information.

Not only do these features help you reduce the amount of time you spend creating and managing Sales Quotes, but these automation features also increase data accuracy and help you cut down on errors and duplicates.

The QuoteWerks Link also helps increase your efficiency by easily enabling you convert Quotes into Charges within the CRM. Once a Sales Opportunity or Quote is approved, you can create a Charge based on the total amount of a Quote by clicking on the QuoteWerks icon and selecting the New Product/Part Charge.

With a few clicks, you can not only create a professional Sales Quote, but a few clicks is also all the separates you from converting a Sales Quote into a billable Charge. The time saving benefits of the QuoteWerks Link make it easier to manage your sales Quotes, increase your business’ profitability, and provide your customers with efficient, expedited service that will impress them and help you attract new and returning business so that your IT business continues to grow.

For more information on how to use the QuoteWerks Link, click here.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the QuoteWerks Link, and wish you luck as you begin to utilize this exciting feature to help you and your IT business grow.

Until next time,
Success Team

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