QuickBooks Batch Invoice Wizard: Doing More With Ease

There are a lot of reasons why more is better, especially when it comes to getting more with ease. According to Dr. Paul Williams at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, by simply exercising regularly, people experience many health benefits. More exercise reduces risk of everything from cataracts to gallstones and strokes. Likewise, Pringles ads make it incredibly clear that more with ease is better. That’s why “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.” It’s just that easy! Even IT professionals are in agreement that more is better when achieved with ease, specifically when it comes to things like RAM. Upgrading computer memory (RAM) is easy, and it speeds up all computer functions, including web surfing, gaming and multitasking. More with ease is just the way to go.

We took the credo of “more with ease” to heart when we were evaluating our professional services automation (PSA) software, for enhancements for version 5.6. As we assessed it, we became aware of the fact that we could improve our QuickBooks Link by enabling you, our users, to generate more invoices much more easily. In order to convert the “more with ease” philosophy into a tangible and useful tool, we developed a Batch Invoice Creation Wizard, released as one of the version 5.6’s new features.

Like our regular QuickBooks Link that enables you to generate invoices in QuickBooks based on Charges in this CRM, the new Batch Invoice Creation Wizard also allows you to convert Charges in our PSA directly into QuickBooks Invoices, only the wizard allows you to produce many invoices at once. This time saving feature will help you reduce the time it takes you to convert billable time into revenue by enabling you to produce more (Invoices) with ease!

This new feature specifically adds a new layer of functionality and time saving features to managed services providers (MSPs) and IT services provides who have recurring billing agreements with their clients. Now, with the Invoice Batch Creation Wizard, you can manage and invoice subscription-based and recurring contracts with ease. After using our Contract-Price Charges feature to define recurring charges and renew your Contracts, you can utilize the Batch Invoice Creation Wizard to easily convert all of your recurring contracts into QuickBooks invoices. Instead of converting a single, recurring Contract into a single Invoice, this utility enables you to generate batches of Invoices from the list of Contracts you manage in the app with just a few clicks. This is “more with ease” in action!

Whether you’re an MSP or an an IT services provider, you can start utilizing the Batch Invoice Creation Wizard, by going to File > New > QuickBooks Batch Invoice Creation Wizard.

Once selected, you can create batches of invoices at once at either the customer, service contract or ticket level.

At the customer or Account level, you can create multiple invoices from the still-to-be-invoiced, Billable Charges that relate to the Accounts that you select. Billable Charges that can be invoiced using the Batch Invoice Creation Wizard at the Account level can also include Charges related to Tickets and Contracts.

On a service or Contract level, all Billable Charges related to selected Contracts are converted into QuickBooks Invoices with just a few clicks. Ticket-related charges are included in invoices generated on the service or Contract level.

Creating batches of invoices on the Ticket level enable you to convert all Billable Charges that have yet to be billed into invoices for all selected Tickets.

Not only does the Batch Invoice Creation Wizard help you reduce the amount of time you spend generating invoices, helping you convert your labor, parts provided and expenses accrued into revenue, but it also ensures that you no longer need to manually generate single invoices, although this is still an option.

Being able to create many invoices with a few clicks is a better, more efficient solution for invoice creation for the busy and growing IT service provider or MSP’s business, which is why we are thrilled to be to introduce this new feature to you.

So now, we invite you to join the “more with ease” bandwagon, so that you can reduce your workload and save yourself time with the version 5.6’s new QuickBooks Batch Invoice Creation Wizard tool as you convert your services and time into revenue with ease!

Until Next Time,
-Success Team

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