New in version 7.0 – Fixin Yur Typos

No matter how well intentioned or how nimble and accurate your fingers are over the keyboard or even how highly edumacated you may be, whenever writing text it is only a matter of time before an unfortunate typo sneaks in and ruins your carefully crafted work. Such typos may on the face of it seem trivial but they can negatively affect the professional image you are seeking to portray to your clients and partners and so every effort should be taken to prevent such errors from appearing anywhere.

Custom DictionaryFortunately in the new version of our PSA software the spell checking system has been enhanced considerably to help with such issues and so for example that glaring “edumacated” error above would certainly not have slipped through the cracks – unless you actually wanted it to! Which brings us neatly to a key component of the new spell checking system – the addition of your very own custom dictionary which means all those tricky technical terms, obscure acronyms or strange words which are relevant to your business but not normally included in a dictionary, can now be recognized and dealt with appropriately.

The new spell checking system now also works ‘live’ so it will find any of those annoying spelling errors while you are typing and can even auto-magically correct the errors while you continue writing, if you choose to allow the system to do that. So now, wherever you are in the CRM application, you can get on with your important work more efficiently than before while the system effortlessly takes care of your typos.

To configure and take advantage of all these new spelling and dictionary features just go to Tools > Options > Spell Checking and you can read full instructions our our wiki here.

Configure Spell Checking

We hope you find the demise of unintentional (and allowing of intentional) spelling errors to be a useful addition to the CRM application.

Until next time,
Success Team

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