New in version 7.0: Upgraded Report Designer

The Report Designer feature in our CRM software is a powerful and always popular part of the PSA application and widely used by IT Services businesses, so in this new version it has been significantly upgraded.

New Report Designer

As you can see from the image above, the new improved Report Designer also supports the increasingly popular QR Codes as well as a number of other 2D barcode formats so your Reports can now be even more useful while also looking more modern.

Another great feature for improving usability is the facility to now just drag & drop new fields onto your Report, saving you the time of searching through drop down lists to select from each time. Laying out the Report is just a matter of clicking on a field in the Data Tree, which you will see in the right column in the image above, and dragging it anywhere you want on the page.

On the left side of the Report Designer screen you will see the Report Tree where you can for example select the types of barcode (ie. QR Code, Datamatrix etc.) to use after adding a barcode container to the Report.

Professional Reports

When you are building long reports it is useful to be able to quickly jump between different parts and the new Report Preview screen helps you do just that by means of thumbnails for each page which you can easily browse through. Also when generating Reports you can choose to send different types of Report to different default printers. For example a labels Report could to the labels printer, formal reports to the high quality color laser printer and internal reports could go to a basic black & white printer.

Designing, generating and printing professional quality Reports is now easier than ever before with the enhanced features in version 7.0. We hope you will find these new features beneficial and remember also you can always share your new custom Report templates in the Community Sharing Center!

Until next time,
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