Yet Another Way to Create Tickets

There are already many ways to create Tickets in CRM, such as through the Web Interface, via email sent by a customer, by an employee directly in the desktop client perhaps after a customer phoned in, through the API even for those who like to do a bit of coding. So is there really any need for yet another way to create a new Ticket? Well we believe there really is, particularly when it can save time and improve efficiency while also contributing to customer satisfaction, not to mention when such a feature is often requested by our customers!

Prior to version 7.0 there was a workaround which could be used to configure the Email Connector’s Automated Emails feature to enable an employee to create a Ticket on behalf of a customer, should the need ever arise and judging by the feedback we got it did indeed arise often enough.

So now in the new version of CRM we have added a new feature to streamline this process so it is no longer just a workaround but instead a designed in function in the Email Connector and is of course easier to use as a result.

To use it you just have to put the customer Email address at the start of the subject line, with an @ symbol in front of it so it looks like this:

Email to Ticket - Fwd by Employee

This can be used in the following ways:

  • For new emails which an employee creates in order to open a new Ticket.
  • For when a customer emails an employee directly and that employee then forwards the email to the Email Connector to open a new Ticket.

Once the email arrives the Ticket is opened and the customer is added to the email recipients list as normal and will be sent all the relevant auto-responses.

Needless to say we’ll add even more handy ways to create Tickets should there be a need for it but we hope you find this new method to be useful in your business.

Until next time,
Success Team

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