An Invitation to Join the Release Candidate

In high school, there’s always that amazing and exclusive party for which people clamor for an invitation. It’s the party that tells you how you rank on the school’s social ladder. In movies, this major blowout is thrown by the the coolest girl in school, the one with the perfect hair, the perfect house and the perfect boyfriend. It’s only upon receiving the elusive Holy Grail of high school popularity, also known as an invitation to the party, that can students breath a sigh of relief and revel in knowing that they have made it socially.

While we’re not in high school anymore, and if we were, being that we’re a bunch of software developers, we probably wouldn’t be making the party’s guest list anyway, we are throwing a party of our own that is one for the movies (or, at least, one for the techies)!

Last week, we brought you news that we are going to be releasing version 5.6, the newest and most robust version of our professional services automation (PSA) software yet, and today, we are celebrating the unveiling of the Release Candidate for the new version of our software solution.

We are inviting our users to join us on the Release Candidate for version 5.6 to experience the new and enhanced features of our PSA software solution that add increased functionality to our PSA solution.

If you haven’t had a chance to preview some of version 5.6’s new features, take a look at last week’s blog entry (Muggles and the Magic of version 5.6) to get some more information about the new version.

In the meantime, you are hereby formally invited to click here to join the Release Candidate party for version 5.6 and catapult yourself to the top tiers of the PSA ladder for IT professionals. You won’t want to miss this celebration!

Until next time,
Success Team

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