Muggles and the Magic of version 5.6

For the past decade, Harry Potter has enchanted audiences of all ages with wizardry, magic, Muggles, and mystery. While at our company, we don’t cast spells and fight dark lords, we do like to think of software solution if IT professionals as our own sort of spell book, used by Muggles in IT services professions to whip up a little business automation magic of their own.

And, just as J.K. Rowling introduced new spells and potions to her audiences over the course of the Potter series to address the various challenges faced by Harry and his trusty sidekicks, we also recognize that our collection of business automation features needs to be augmented to address the evolving needs of our customers. So, today we excitedly announce that our software has been revamped to increase the strength and usability of its features. With soon-to-be-released version 5.6, everything from the software’s layout to its workflow automation features has been enhanced. The additions and augmentations to the version 5.6 are so effective that they would even succeed in disarming You-Know-Who, much like an omnipotent Expelliarmus charm.

So, what sorts of charming and magical features should you expect from version 5.6? Read on for an inside peak into the exciting additions to our PSA solution.

Statistics Board:

How magical would it be if you could conjure up statistical information regarding the efficiency and effectiveness with which your IT services business is being run in an instant? We’re guessing you would find it pretty incredible. For this reason, we have incorporated a new Statistics Board into the version 5.6.

With the speed of a Nimbus 2001, the new Statistics Board provides you with instant access to advanced query and summary information on a variety of your company’s performance indicators. Access personalized views of your company’s information by adjusting display settings and filtering data and employee options.

The affect of the Statistics Board’s analysis on your business could be bewitchingly beneficial!

QuickBooks Batch Invoice Creation Wizard:

Before understanding the scope of Voldemort’s evilness, Harry might have wondered what was in a name and why Wizards preferred to keep him nameless, but, as Harry soon learned, sometimes even a name is a powerful thing. We can attest to this fact and tell you that this features’ name is anything but inconsequential or misleading!

The new Invoice Creation Wizard is an exciting time saving utility that’s as enchanting as Wizards themselves. With this new feature, you are able to create multiple invoices at the same time, at both the customer, service and ticket level, with a quick wave of a wand. To be honest, its with a few clicks of a mouse, but you get the idea…

The Batch Invoice Wizard even enables you to generate hundreds of invoices instantly!

Preview Tab:

The Pensive stored in Dumbledore’s office proved mighty helpful to Harry Potter by enabling him to review memories, both his own and others. We figured IT services providers would also benefit from having easy access to the history details of an event or relationship with a customer. For this reason, we have included a new Preview Tab in our Accounts, Tickets and Assets windows.

From each Preview Tab, view many details, including customer, task, appointment, charges, linked and history information, in one rich-view display. Within the Preview tab, you can also initiate actions, such as adding Charges and setting up appointments. The best part is that you can perform all of these tasks without navigating away from the Preview tab!

Not only does this new view format enable you to enhance your understanding of your relationships with your customers, but it also helps you improve and expedite the service with which you provide them. In exchange for superior service, you are bound to build customer loyalty and a superior reputation.

Ticket Merge:

Duplicates often spring up when they’re least wanted, just ask those who have been afflicted by the Gemino (Duplicatation) Curse! As much as you try to avoid duplicate Tickets, sometimes these things can’t be avoided.

With the new Ticket Merge feature, you can seamlessly merge two Tickets for the same customer into one. The Ticket Merge utility automatically merges data from one Ticket to the other (Master Ticket), and deletes the redundant Ticket. All data linked to the deleted Ticket is transferred to the Master Ticket.

Not only does this feature help to ensure that your records are organized and easy to follow, but
it also ensures that no data is lost in the processes. This is spellbinding business automation technology at its finest!

All in all, the soon-to-be released version of our IT providers management platform includes many new additions and enhancements. But, if the story of Harry Potter taught us anything, it would be to leave the audience wanting more. So, please, stop back again soon for additional insider information about version 5.6 and its new, fantastical features and magical business management utilities.

Even though we’re all a bunch of Muggles, there’s no reason not to embrace the new version 5.6 and start running your IT business like a Wizard of the highest order!

Until next time,
Success Team

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