The World Without Steve Jobs: What’s Next?

By now, the entire world as heard about the passing of Steve Jobs.

More than just influencing technology, techies, and business people, Steve Jobs influenced the entire world with his vision. Throughout his career, Jobs redefined the technologies we use, their functionality and their aesthetic. His originality and ingenuity gave him the Midas touch — the ability to bring success to every one of his endeavours. No matter how outrageous his ideas, like introducing a mobile device without a keyboard when it was the keyboard that brought success to the Blackberry, or eliminating removable laptop batteries when they were the accepted norm, Jobs was never afraid to be bold and to be different.

In addition to paying attention to the quality and uniqueness of the technologies he oversaw, Jobs also cared about all of the other elements of his products, including their look (matte or glossy?), the service in the Apple stores (yes, they are the coolest store in the mall!), and the color of the packaging (yes, we care about what’s on the outside too).

Jobs understood that part of creating stand-apart products was creating stand-apart packing to go with them.

So, with his attention to detail and his ability to see beyond the status quo, Steve Jobs changed the way we embrace mobile technologies; he transformed our use of information systems, and encouraged all of us to ask “what’s next?”

We could always count on Steve Jobs to bring us technologies that reinvented the wheel and exceeded our expectations.

So now, without being able to direct our question to Steve Jobs, we still have to ask: what’s next?

If we are to take away a lesson from Steve Jobs, let it be that anything is possible. What lies ahead is a potential ripe with possibilities, both for Apple, for the world of technology, and for visionaries who have yet to tap into their potential.

Anything is possible, and the force responsible for reinventing the wheel might just be you.

From Steve Jobs we learned that it’s not just okay to dream, it’s an imperative part of success. So, dare to dream, dream to innovate, and innovate to succeed. The power to affect the future lies in you.

So, while Steve Jobs has been lost to this world, his legacy is as present as ever before. Let us all learn from his example and be inspired to reinvent the wheel and succeed.

As a final note, we would like to share with you a Facebook status from earlier today found by a member of our team which stated the following:

“Three apples changed the world: the one that Eve ate, the one that fell on Newton’s head and the one that Steve built.”

Thank you for changing the world, Steve. It won’t be the same without you!

-Success Team

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