The Future of CRM for MSPs is 5.7!

We’re not afraid to admit it. We like science fiction. Back to the Future. The Martian Chronicles. The Hunger Games series. Movies. Books. Even old radio series. We like it all, especially when it comes to stories set in the future.

To us, the future is something ripe with incredible potential, something that, unfortunately, becomes the present all too quickly. You see, time generally gets the best of us. Because the future becomes the present at a rate of 60 minutes an hour, it’s hard to make the future quite as accomplished as we would like.

That is why we are so excited to announce that, without time machines, alternate universes or super powers, we have released PSA version 5.7 for Beta testing. Only about two months after releasing a very robust CRM version 5.6, we were able to successfully make the vision of version 5.7 an actuality.

Introducing new tools for managed services providers, time saving shortcuts, customer requested enhancements, and entirely new built-in modules, CRM 5.7 Beta is an exciting development for both us and our customers.

So far, we have had positive responses from Beta testers. We can’t wait to release the official 5.7 version, so that we can get your thoughts on our new additions and improvements.

Get ready… The future is almost here!

Stay tuned!

Success Team

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