The New Suit

The New Suit - a new websiteYou know that old suit or outfit you have, the one that has served you well for many years and you’re loath to change? Most people have one, it’s starting to look a little worn out now though, the style is not exactly up with the latest trends anymore but still you feel comfortable wearing it, you perhaps scored some big contracts while wearing it or some other positive events happened while you were wearing that one.. it’s your lucky suit!

However you’ve started to notice that everyone else has a fancy new outfit and yours is beginning to stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons. It is about time you got a new one, you’ve no more excuses to stick with the old, no matter how lucky you think it is. So it is with the trusty old web site which has served us all well for many long years, but like all good things it must finally come to an end and be sent to website heaven where all the other old sites end up.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Website, complete with a new design and enhanced features to present the CRM application to new visitors and of course to better serve our existing customers. The new site includes a detailed Tour which gives a clear overview of the application, explaining all the main features so you can easily see how it it all works together and how it relates to and serves your business. There is also a new animated video on our homepage showing what our CRM is all about which we hope you will enjoy. For a more in-depth description of the many features offered with our CRM and PSA software you can also browse the Products pages. If you’re new here and still not convinced, you can always download our fully functional free trial and see exactly what the software can do for you today.

We hope you like our new (lucky) site as much as we do and find it useful and informative as well as exceedingly stylish. Feel free to let us know what you think – we always welcome your feedback.

Until next time,
Success Team

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