Death & Taxes

Death and TaxesAs everyone knows there are two sure things in this life – death and taxes. Naturally there’s not much we can do about the former. As much as we’d like to cure death, that’s just a bit beyond the current capabilities even of the all new version. Taxes are however something we can work on, at least to some extent.

Taxes of one kind or another are just one of those things we all hate but have to deal with anyway, the taxman always finds us in the end and is not known for being overly forgiving. We are reminded of an episode of the classic sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf which, to the uninitiated out there, is about a space ship crewed by Lister the last remaining human, Rimmer who is a hologram of a crew member that accidentally killed the rest of the crew (including himself), a creature called Cat that descended from the ships cat, a mechanoid called Kryten and a slightly senile ships computer. Lister survived the accident by being in stasis at the time and was only woken up when the ships computer decided it was safe to do so – three million years later.

In one episode (“Better Than Life”) the mail pod finally catches up with the ship and carries with it a letter for Rimmer from the dreaded “Outland Revenue”, in other words the taxman! Rimmer immediately panics, saying “Just because we’re three million years into deep space and the human race is extinct, that means nothing to these people!” Of course you’ll have to watch the episode in question to find out if the taxman does indeed get Rimmer for his unpaid taxes (not to mention three million years interest!) but in the meantime you’ll no doubt be pleased to learn that this PSA software has a new and improved tax management system to help keep you from falling afoul of the “outland revenue” or any other brand of taxman on or off the planet.

You can read the specifics of the new tax features on the version history page here but we are sure many of you will find the ability to now define many more different tax rates to be immensely useful. Also Items can now be set as ‘Taxable’ so the taxes to apply are automatically taken from the relevant Account in the Charge by default so you no longer need to explicitly define the Tax Codes in the Item itself. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that all your current settings will be preserved and the system will continue working for you in the way you are familiar with while also being easier and more powerful.

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