Let the Blogging Begin!

Since we launched our CRM and PSA software in 2004, we’ve known that a day would come when we would have to actively promote our professional services automation (PSA) software, but we were kind of hoping that we could keep pushing that day off.

We are incredibly proud of our CRM, of that there is no question. Our CRM software is a robust PSA solution for small to midsized IT services professionals that never compromises features for affordability or ease of use for quality of workforce management tools. Up until now, the software’s sales have been mostly driven by customer referrals, and we’ve been content watching our customer base develop without having to incorporate routine sales into our business model. It’s not that we have a problem with sales teams or salesmen. It’s just that we are first and foremost IT professionals. We got our start servicing local law firms, and still see ourselves as software developers.

A quick visit to our office would make it clear to you that we are bona fide IT guys. Our corporate culture, for example, is anything but corporate. We don’t wear suits. The men in our company don’t even own ties, unless stained neckties, circa 1992, count. Our break room is stocked with as much sugar as coffee and, sometimes, we find it easier to speak in three letter acronyms than full words. So, we’ve decided to stay true to our tee-shirt wearing, anti-suit philosophy, and to steer clear of standard, sales force operations.

As such, we’ve decided to forgo cold calls and massive email campaigns and, instead, adopt a much more organic way of communicating the quality and value of our product to the public: a blog. A blog is the perfect way to give you insight into our company, our team, our CRM, the ways in which our product transforms our customers’ companies, and our thoughts on industry related news.

There really is no better way to learn about us, how we work, our product, and our integrations with various third party software development companies than by tuning in and getting behind the scenes information about us, our PSA software solution, our current projects and our thoughts about related topics.

So, here it is: our blog — a regular transmission of ways in which our PSA software can best service you and your customers, along with other interesting and related factoids.

We look forward to exploring our CRM software and other industry-related resources and news with you in the future. Until then, just remember that our CRM is the automation software that helps small to midsized IT services providers be successful!

Until next time,
Success Team

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