The New and Improved Rolodex

Back in the olden days, like way back in 1993, the Rolodex was just about the most important office item. While it couldn’t resolve pressing debates like whether or not kangaroos can walk backwards, a Rolodex was the keeper of all important relationship information. From basic contact details, like phone numbers and addresses, to birthdays, account numbers, and other relationship details, a detailed Rolodex card held all information pivotal to the building and maintenance of any personal or working relationship. Simply put, a Rolodex was a testament to your relationships.

In all fields, people understood the value of a Rolodex. In fact, the Rolodex became so iconic, that people developed relationships with their Rolodexes, saying things like “I’m going to take my Rolodex with me when I leave” and “I think I have him in my Rolodex.” Well-maintained and thorough Rolodexes that lawsuits were even filed by companies looking to recover Rolodexes maintained by former employees. No joke! The simple, organized wheel of contacts and relationship details were of such value to companies that they were willing to fight for access to former employees’ databases of contacts.

Today, although we have retired the handwritten, white, contact cards and the powerful Rolodex wheel, a well-maintained, detailed and organized accounting of contacts, their details and relationship-strengthening information is no less important. In fact, with the ever expanding assortment of contacts, leads and details we have at our fingertips, between social media platforms, websites, blogs, etc., managing contacts and their details has become even more crucial.

While recognizing the importance of contact management, many people face a related challenge when that they use multiple software solutions to manage the many aspects of their lives. It’s difficult and time consuming to manage contacts in multiple platforms! There’s an accounting platform, email server platform, a business automation solution platform, and so on. The number of duplicates, data entry errors and general frustrations that arise from overseeing multiple contact databases is staggering.

With our CRM and PSA software, IT support providers can avoid the headache and hassle involved in contemporary contact database management. The software lets you easily import, export, link and sync contacts between various platforms, including QuickBooks, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and various remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions.

Instead of complicating your life with multiple contact databases, turn your Accounts module into your contemporary business Rolodex by instantly adding contacts from any software platform to the CRM software!

You can import or export contacts from either the home screen or the Accounts window.

From the home screen, select Tools > Import and Export > Import Accounts.

The Accounts Import Wizard window will open to guide you through the rest of the importing process.

 Accounts 2

Similarly, from the Accounts window, select Accounts > Tools > Import & Export > Import Accounts.

The same Account Import Wizard window will pop up to guide you through the process of importing your contacts from various platforms.

Once you have imported all of your contacts into our CRM and PSA software, you can manage everything, from basic contact details, to important relationships, a history of all interactions, special notes, related documents, etc. By building a comprehensive overview of your relationship with each of your contacts in the software, you can rest assured that you are not only going to have the information you need to easily strengthen and build upon your current relationships, but you will have the tools and information you need to make our CRM the new and improved Rolodex!

Until next time,
Success Team

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