CRM: Getting Unlimited Access

The tech world is all abuzz over Match, iTunes new application that enables users to access their entire iTunes library from multiple devices. The new iTunes application scans your entire music library, either matching it to one of iTunes’ library files or importing it directly from your library, and, subsequently, makes your entire music library accessible to your password protected account from up to 10 devices.

We love music and we are very excited that Match has just been made available to the international iTunes community. As an extension of the iCloud, Match enables your entire music library, including imported files to become accessible from a variety of locations.

Without a doubt, Match has added layers of convenience and fun to iTunes users and music lovers everywhere. Who wouldn’t love the ability to get access to their music library from multiple locations?

Likewise, as an IT support provider, managed services provider or IT consultant, you would probably appreciate being able to access your work-related data from multiple locations. For our users, the option is available to not only access your data from up to 10 devices, but you can actually access your data from as many devices as you want using the Web Interface.

The Web Interface allows you to access all of your data, including Account information, Ticket information, Dispatching schedules and Calendars, Asset histories, your Knowledge Base, Reports, sales opportunities, billing agreements and Charge details, from any Web browser! Via the Web Interface, you can also edit, update and create new entries in different modules — giving you the power of business automation and management features from any browser, anywhere in the world!

Also, the user name and password protected Web Interface gives you and any additional technicians access to all of your CRM records. You can also specify specific privileges for each technician, thereby controlling each technician’s access to CRM records. You can even configure Web Interface to use industry standard SSL (https) secure communication to have all communication encrypted end-to-end.

In addition, Web Interface can be branded with your logo and name using standard HTML code to create a unique and customize look for your Web Interface portal.

As music lovers around the world laud the release of iTunes’ Match application, we invite all who are not yet familiar with the Web Interface to discover how the branded Web Interface will not only add convenience to your business operations, but will also increase your efficiency, save you money and help you provide improved service to your customers.

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