The Season of Gift Giving

The holiday season draws out the best, warmest, fuzziest, and most cinnamon-y of all things. From log fires to hot apple cider, cashmere sweaters and family gatherings, this really is the best time of the year.

Something especially unique about this season is the fact that people put each other first. The season of giving extends from the exchange of gifts to the giving of charitable donations. Brightening up the faces of others becomes just as important as the aesthetic of holiday decorations.

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, businesses show appreciate for employees this time of year. Budgeting for office gifts however, always poses challenges. So, here are a few gift ideas that are budget friendly, meaningful and can even improve your business’ image or boost morale!

Firstly, for many people, money is tight around the holidays, so instead of gifting your employees another unique gift that they may or may not appreciate, give them the gift of money. Everyone always appreciates a little extra cash to be used at their discretion. Whether your employees need the money to pay their bills, celebrate the holidays with a little more abandon, or they want to pad their savings account a bit more, the gift of green is always appreciated and gives employees the freedom to spend it on what They want!

Other options for meaningful, season-oriented gifts are paid time off so that your employees can enjoy more stress-free time with their friends and family, or charitable donations made in their honor. With paid leave, you help boost moral and increase workplace productivity upon your employees’ return from their holiday vacations. Moreover, it probably doesn’t cost you more per employee than you originally budgeted for the year. Conversely, while making a charitable donation in your employees’ names does cost you, the gift is both tax deductible and is something that contributes to the sense of giving the season inspires. That will undoubtedly lift everyone’s spirit!

Another, possibly more cost-effective gift idea is to purchase a gift that can benefit the entire
office, like an espresso machine or a team outing. Generally, employees are looking to be recognized and appreciated by their company. By providing the entire office with a gift that makes the workplace more enjoyable, employers will meet their employees’ expectations without breaking the bank. So, whether you treat your employees to bonding outing or equip your office with fun magazine subscriptions to enhance in-office lunch experiences, you can find ways to gift your entire office at once.

Another way to be considerate of your staff is by being conscious of the financial burden some may face. As such, institute a Secret Santa gift exchange so that employees won’t feel compelled to exchange gifts with the entire team. Secret Santa also diminishes the hassle and cost of office gift-giving because all employees will only have to buy gifts for one employee. Moreover, for fairness’ sake, it makes sense to set a budget for the Secret Santa gifts so that everyone receives a gift of approximately the same value as what they spent.

We all love getting gifts, of that there is no doubt. But more important than the gifts we give and receive, is the spirit we foster and the cheer that we spread.

Whatever it is that you decide to do for your team, make sure everyone on the team feels appreciated for the work they do and incentivize to make next year even better!

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