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New in version 4.1

Our PSA software now officially runs on Microsoft® Vista®

It is now also officially supports integration with Microsoft® Office 2007, including support for new document types and template file formats – .docx and .dotx

New! Secondary Contacts can now be imported for selected Accounts in the app.

New! Data Export Wizard now lets you easily export data from our PSA for ITs. With the Data Export Wizard, you can integrate with other software packages, analyze your business data and more. You can also easily select the data fields to export, the filter criteria and the export file format. Save the selected fields for export as templates and use the templates for future exports

Data export

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New! Outlook Sync module now lets a single user perform a sync for other users. For example, the Dispatcher can now schedule on-site visits for technicians and select to sync their Outlook with our CRM software in a single click (Exchange® server is required)

New! Web Interface – ‘Technician Service Form Including Taxes’ report has been added and can now be printed on customer sites. This new report calculates the taxes and displays them so the customer will know the total amount for the service ticket

Updated! Quickly add new records using the plus (+) button available on every record selection field. For example, easily add a new Asset while adding a new Ticket; add a New Item while adding a new Charge; add a new Contract directly from the Ticket details window; etc.

Updated! Activate a new Timer directly from the Tickets and Contracts toolbars, or do so even faster using the new keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-T

Updated! Memo field font size is now larger by default, making reading description and memo fields much easier. Each user can set their preferred font size using the Options. window > General tab

Updated! The ‘Monthly Hours Summary by Employee’ report that displays a summary of total daily/monthly work hours can now be printed for selected employees

Updated! When sending Outlook email from this PSA, a new Outlook Email message will immediately open without the Outlook Security Message being displayed (except in rare situations). This streamlines the process of sending Outlook email directly from the software.

Updated! Document lists now display an icon for the document file type! Now you can tell the type of document at a glance, whether it’s an email you filed from Outlook, a scanned document, a picture, a Word® document, Excel® spreadsheet, etc.

Document management

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Updated! When dragging-and-dropping an email from Outlook into the software in order to file it under the relevant Account/Ticket, the email date is used as the document record date, rather than the current time

Updated! The Report Designer now supports many more data fields that can be added to your customized reports

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