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New in version 4.0

New! Batch Copy of All/Selected Expiring Contracts to new Contracts for the next term (Contracts window > Contracts menu > Batch Copy Contracts for New Date Range)

New! Due Date for Tickets – Make sure you solve open issues on time

Updated! Easily Send Tickets that need Dispatching to the Dispatcher (Set in New Ticket window / Mouse click on the Tickets list)

New! New professional looking Technician Service Form report formats – Now with the ability to show Ticket’s Charges (Printed directly from the Tickets window or from the Reports window > Charges category).

Updated! Outlook Sync module now syncs even faster without any Outlook security alerts (except in rare situations)

New! Import Asset records from external data sources (Excel, CSV etc.) – Now can be performed directly from the Assets tab of an Account

Updated! One-click export to Excel, HTML, Text (CSV) etc. of any data table/grid of records you see – Now activated from the toolbar in all windows

New! Firefox browser support – use the Web Interface modules in your Mozilla Firefox browser

New! Maximum security – Use your SSL certificates with the Web Interface to use encrypted Https: connections

New! Apple® Mac® users can now access and manage CRM data on their Macs using the Web Interface module and a Firefox browser

New! New Web Interface features now let you create and edit Accounts and Asset records, as well as Tickets, Appointments, Tasks, History Notes, Charges etc.

Updated! Additional Customization options – You can now change data field names, labels and column titles

New! Dual Screen systems can now be fully utilized with our CRM and PSA software

New! Batch Delete of Imported Accounts – Have you imported hundreds or thousands of Accounts by mistake / twice? Undelete them in just one click (Tools > Import > Delete Imported Accounts)

Updated! New features for the QuickBooks Link – Set the system to automatically (previously manually) add employee name, ticket number and contract code to the invoice lines (Tools > Options. > QuickBooks).

New! Completely new look and feel – better navigation, easier to use, more user friendly

New! Numerous new minor features, enhancements and usability improvements

Updated! Better and faster alphabetical sorting, improved resizing options for the software main window and much more.

Old versionsversion 4.1

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