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New in version 4.2

New! Online Services

Online Services are a powerful new tool that allows you to access different web sites and use them in combination with your app data.

To use this new feature, you need to define Online Services within the app. You can define an unlimited amount of Online Services.

If you want to find out how to get to the office of one of your Accounts, simply set up an Online Service which opens Google Maps (or any other map site) and activates the service with the address stored in the CRM’s database.
Or you can set up an Online Service that automatically searches Google for a business’ name listed in your app data.

Online Services are easy to define and use, and can be activated from various places in the software such as the Dispatcher Window, the Account Window, secondary Contact selection field and more.

You can read more about using this new feature and how to add Online Services here.

New! Email signatures

Employees can now create a personal signature to be used in emails sent with this PSA. The signature can be edited from the Employee window under the Employee tab or from Tools > Options. > Accounts tab.

Enhanced! Email from Ticket

– The format of emails sent directly from a Ticket has been enhanced and now provides more information about the Ticket in the email. This allows technicians to learn more about the Ticket by reading the email only, so they do not need to go into the system in order to get the information.

The new email format includes:

  • Ticket number and Status (also appear in the email subject).
  • Ticket Open and Due dates
  • Ticket Resolution (if exists)
  • Account and Secondary Contact information such as Addresses and phone numbers.

This allows the technicians to get all necessary information so that they can schedule the work and discuss the Ticket status with the relevant Account contact, all from within the email! The new enhanced email format is especially useful for technicians on the road who receive emails to their PDA and wish to check the Ticket information immediately, without having to use the Web interface for the basic Account and Ticket details.

Enhanced! Web Interface for Customers – Customer Web Portal

The web interface for Customers has been significantly enhanced in this version and now allows your customers to view much more information and add their own notes to the Ticket. This will help you keep your Customers up to date with the Ticket status and expected activity.

The new features for Web Interface customers include:

  • View existing History Notes and new ones
    This enables you to discuss issues with your customers
  • View details for Assets
    Customers will enjoy the enhanced service where they can see the details of their Assets
  • View details for Contracts
    This will dramatically reduce the number of calls by customer seeking information on the status of their Contracts, i.e. how many hours are left, etc.
  • View details of Charges
    Customers can now view all Charges added under their Tickets and Contracts. This adds transparency to the services you offer to your customers and increases customer satisfaction.

You can control which features will be available to your Customers from the Tools > Options > Web Interface tab.

Updated! Charges Field1

The Field1 (customizable system field) of Charges is now displayed in all Charges grids/tables, including when generating a QuickBooks Invoice.

Updated! Dispatcher Refresh

When creating a new Ticket or updating the “Show in Dispatcher” flag by clicking on the left-most column in the Tickets lists, it will automatically update the opened Dispatcher windows to include this Ticket without clicking the Refresh button.

Updated! Charges Reports

The date range used to filter Charges reports is now displayed in all of the Charges reports.

Updated! Documents list

Icons for PDF documents are now also displayed in the documents list.

Updated! QuickBooks Link

New privileges are added to control which users can use the QuickBooks Link (in addition to the Financial Charges Link)

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