Putting Your Customers First

When etiquette classes were in fashion, service was always delivered with a smile and the customer was always right. During the golden age of customer service, business people understood that they were selling much more than a good or a service, they were selling themselves.

Whether you’re an IT support provider, a managed services provider(MSP) or a computer repair technician, appealing to your customers as a likable, memorable, knowledgeable, resourceful and proficient technician will benefit you and your business. Your customers and potential customers will be swayed by your professionalism. Their choice to bring you their business will be based on your trust and reputability more than the services you provide.

In order to capitalize on this unique dynamic, you need to channel the customer service of decades passed, choosing to provide users with customer service not just customer support.

To this end, we believe that for quality and memorable customer service you need to:

  • See criticism as a great opportunity to learn and improve.

    No one wants to be critiqued, but being able to do something constructive with criticism is a tremendous asset. The ability to take criticism to heart and make appropriate changes shows customers that you are truly committed to providing them with the highest quality of service. Moreover, apologizing to customers shows greatness of character and commitment to quality customer care that will not be overlooked.

  • Recognize that there is a direct correlation between happy employees and happy customers.

    Your employees are the figure heads for your business. Your customers associate your business with your employees, their faces, the quality of their service, their demeanor, etc. So, if your employees are happy, thereby providing superior service and customer care, your customers will be happy. This is “paying it forward” hard a work!

  • Make sure that your customers know that they are appreciated and special.

    Don’t underestimate the power of personalized customer relationships.
    Developing a rapport with your customers ensures that they relate to you as more than an IT services provider. When they think of you, they will think of both the expert technician and the amiable associate.

  • Exceed your customers’ expectations.

    Your customers will notice and appreciate when you exceed their expectations by providing the the highest quality service. In doing so, you are demonstrating that you appreciate their business and value your reputation. Providing service that is beyond the pale will not only help you retain your current clientele, but will also help you attract new customers, as your business becomes synonymous with excellence.

Putting your customers first not only helps to build your reputation, but also builds your customer roster, your customers’ loyalty and your businesses revenue. So, make sure that you go the extra mile for your customers. In return, they’ll be sure to tout you as the IT support provider that proficiently and efficiently makes IT problems disappear while making your customers happy. Now, that can’t be said about most services providers, can it?

Until next time!
-Success Team

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