GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ and CRM – Now Integrated

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to officially announce the integration between our IT PSA and GFI MAX RemoteManagement (aka MaxFocus).

Dr. Alistair Forbes, General Manager, GFI MAX said:

“The two key tools for an IT Services business are their RMM tool and their service management tool and having these two tools work together in a seamless and efficient way is a very substantial operational enabler. This integration with GFI MAX RemoteManagement provides this and will help our shared customers to focus on growing their businesses with confidence that they can deliver great service and high levels of internal efficiency.”

We couldn’t agree more!


This new integration module offers a direct integration with GFI MAX RemoteManagement RMM solution.

The integration can link GFI MAX Site and Device information with the PSA’s Account and Asset respectively, in real time. This integration module has been developed by Ranger MSP Ltd and is based on GFI MAX’s API.

The integration enables you to manage all RMM Tickets from within the PSA to streamline your workflow. Failed Checks in GFI MAX are automatically converted into service Tickets in the PSA. Also, the information about Devices and Sites that is recorded in GFI MAX is automatically sent to the PSA, and you can easily select whether to link or import the data into your instance.

Main features include:

  • Easily link GFI MAX Sites and Devices to PSA Accounts and Assets.
  • Automatically syncs GFI MAX failed checks to PSA Tickets.
  • Allows you to manage all issues (RMM events and standard Tickets) from within the Tickets module in the PSA.
  • Failed Checks status changes in GFI MAX automatically update the Tickets in the PSA.
  • Saves you time and helps you avoid duplicates and errors common in manual data entry by automatically sharing data between GFI MAX and the PSA.
  • If you are already using GFI MAX RemoteManagement please contact us to learn more about linking it to the PSA.

    To learn more about GFI MAX visit the GFI MAX RemoteManagement Web site.

    Until next time,
    Success Team

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