Creating Knowledge Base Articles from Tickets

With knowledge comes power, and, in the IT industry, with power, comes the ability to handle issues ranging from backup and recovery problems to security policies and network management issues.

As IT services provider, managed services provider (MSP) or general computer repair professional, we are exposed to a myriad of problems. While we are well trained and seasoned IT professionals, we don’t always have the answers to the problems we are facing and we don’t always know the quickest method of resolving issues.

Wouldn’t it be handy, then, to have access to a database of fix-it ideas and solutions so that we can always know the best way to solve a variety of issues?

We are always looking for ways to help our community to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively which is why we include the Knowledge Base in CRM.

The Knowledge Base is a module within our professional services automation (PSA) solution that lets you create and manage articles with resolution instructions that enable technicians to resolve issues faster. Both technicians and customers can access the Knowledge Base archives via the Web Portal, depending on access restrictions.

By having access to the Knowledge Base, you ensure better and faster service for your customers, reduce new employees’ training times because they can always reference the Knowledge Base for resolution tips and you can even cut down operational expenses by empowering technicians to resolve issues on their own.

But from where do these Knowledge Base resolution articles come?

Good question, and there are actually a few answers.

Firstly, you and other technicians can always create new Knowledge Base articles from with the CRM application client or the Web Interface by clicking “New” within the Knowledge Base window.

Once created, Knowledge Base articles can be viewed by the entire team of technicians. Articles can also be made public, allowing customers to review them using your branded Customer Web portal. Aided by the Knowledge Base, custers can research some issues themselves!

With your busy schedule however, it’s hard to find time to set aside to create Knowledge Base articles. So, in order to help you save time and eliminate unnecessary steps, the application enables you to convert any existing Ticket into a Knowledge Base article for future reference.

In order to create a new Knowledge Base Article based on a selected Ticket, simply click on the menu’s ‘More Actions’ button on the Tickets window toolbar and select ‘New Knowledge Base Article from Ticket’.

Immediately, the application opens a new Knowledge Base article with the data provided from your Ticket. The Knowledge Base article title is taken from the Ticket’s description and the article’s solution is derived from the Ticket’s resolution.

Once you select the category, article status and whether or not to make it public, you simply save the new Knowledge Base article by clicking “OK,” and can now access the issue’s solution at any time and from anywhere with a few clicks of your mouse!

By being able to easily convert any Ticket resolution to a Knowledge Base article, you empower yourself, the rest of the technicians on your team and your customers with the knowledge to solve just about any IT problem with efficiency and reliability.

And that is real power!

Until next time,
Success Team

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