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New in version 15

The following covers most of the changes included in this new version.

New! Statistics tab
Get an immediate in-depth knowledge about the status of specific Accounts, Contracts, Tickets, Assets or Sales Opportunities by visiting their new Statistics tab.
The new Statistics tab shows summarized data related to the selected entity, and the data boxes are fully customizable so you can show the data that is most relevant to your business.

Account Statistics tab.png


Streamline Your Work – Usability Enhancement
A new ‘Actions’ panel has been added to all major windows in the app.
Using the new panel it is now easier than ever to perform common tasks – Want to log time under a ticket? Need to add a note under the customer account? Need to re-assign a ticket to someone else? Simply use the relevant action from the Actions panel and you’re done!

Ticket Actions panel



Live Data – Pop-it-Out!
The live data pane, that shows real time statistics about your business, can now be popped out from its docking position on the right and displayed in its own window – either a window within the app itself or as an external window listed in Windows taskbar.
When it is popped out as an entirely external window you can move it to another display! You can also control the size of the live-data-boxes and select different modes: Compact, Standard, Comfortable (for large displays).

Live Data Board


Web Interface Enhancements – Ticket Assignment
Assigning Tickets to employees is now easier than ever. A new drop-down option allows you to re-assign a ticket directly from the Tickets List as well as from the Ticket details page. You no longer need to Edit the Ticket in order to reassign it (though this option is still available when editing the Ticket).

Assign Ticket to another employee using your mobile device:

Web Interface mobile assign Ticket
click to enlarge


Assign Ticket to another employee using a remote PC/Mac:

Web Interface assign the Ticket to another employee

Web Interface assign the Ticket to another employee


Web Interface Enhancements – Attach file to…
The new Attach option on the Web Interface now allows you to easily attach a file to a Ticket, Account, Asset, Contract, Sales Opportunity of a Knowledge base article. You will be asked to select the file and you’re done!
Using your mobile device you will be able to upload photos you have just taken using the camera (a supported phone is required). When the file is uploaded a new Document is added.

Attach a file using your mobile device:

Web Interface mobile attach a file
click to enlarge


Attach a file using a remote PC/Mac:

Web Interface Attach File

Web Interface Enhancements – Faster Account Selection
The Account selection drop-down list in the Web Interface no longer displays Secondary Contacts by default. This way selecting the customer Account becomes much easier. For those who still want to include secondary contacts in the list, you can turn this option back ON by visiting the Tools > Options > Web Interface tab.


Project Contracts
When logging Charges, the app automatically selects the currently active Contract in order to save time. This is performed when there’s only a single Contract that is active and current. In case there are several active contracts, the system lets the user choose the one to use.

With this new version, ‘Project Contracts’ are no longer considered as relevant active contracts for this purpose and the system automatically chooses the single active Contract for you saving you time.


QuickBooks Link / Xero Link – Enhancements:
1. The Charge ‘Field1’ field can now be included in the Invoice Line description.
2. Charge Description – You can now select whether the entire Charge Description goes into the Invoice Line description (this is the default) – or – whether to only include the first paragraph from the Charge description.
These options can be configured under Tools > Options > QuickBooks/Xero tab.


Email Templates for Ticket and Ticket Reports
Sometimes the Ticket Description is too long to be included in Reports or to be embedded in emails, that were based on Email Templates.
With this new version you can now select to include only the first paragraph of the description. When selecting to use this field the PSA will only include the description text from the start and until the first break line.
When customizing your Email Templates and Ticket Reports / Forms look for the ‘Ticket Description – first paragraph only’ field.


Enhanced App Navigation
When hovering over module icon on the left pane you can now quickly access all open windows of that module as well as all recent entities you worked on – tickets you’ve just updated, accounts you added notes, to. Etc.

Main icons pane


New Queries for Live Data and Filters
The filtering and the live data board features rely on a set of advanced queries that can then be customized to your needs. In this release we have added new queries for you to use. Queries are:

  • Total Charge amount for unbilled billable Charges filtered by employee/s and charge date
  • Total Charge amount filtered by employee/s and Charge date (excluding Contract-Price Charges)
  • Total Contract-Price Charges amount filtered by employee/s and Charge date
  • Number of active Contracts pending renewal filtered by end date
  • Number of completed Contracts that have not been renewed yet, filtered by end date
  • Number of over-used Block of Money Contracts filtered by start date
  • Number of over-used Block of Money and Block of Time Contracts filtered by start date


Better Lists Navigation
Sometimes Lists may contain more columns than can be displayed on the screen, which requires scrolling to the right. You can now scroll lists to the left and right simply by using the keyboard arrows when the list is in focus. Give it a try!


Additional Updates

  • Enhanced Look & Feel of the Internal Messaging feature, which provides a more streamlined experience.

  • Intuit QBFC Version 5, which is required to integrate with versions 2007 or earlier of QuickBooks Desktop, is no longer supported. A newer version of QuickBooks is required for the app to integrate using the newer QBFC version 7.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.




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