Ideal Quoting Module Realized!

In an ideal world, increasing revenue would be as easy as accruing bills, and managing Quotes would be as convenient as managing a database of contacts.

With version 5.7’s new Quoting module, IT support providers get a professional services automation (PSA) solution that helps make their world a little more ideal.

While it’s not a money tree or an autonomous program that can produce results for you, the Quoting module streamlines the entire sales quoting cycle, from quote generation to follow-up, status changes, customer acceptances, wins and invoicing.

Never before has our CRM and PSA software made it so easy to create, monitor and win sales quotes and proposals.

Curious as to what makes the Quoting module so easy to use and useful? Well, here are a couple significant features and benefits that the Quoting module provides:

Firstly, when you set up a sales quote through the Quoting module, the Quote is linked to a selected Account in order to both save you the time of reentering your contact’s information and in order to automatically include the Quote in your Account’s history for improved customer service.

As you build your Quote, you are able to customize line items for every Quote. As you enter the parts, labor or expense Items into your Quote, you are able to customize the pricing by including discounts, markups or fixed prices. With this Quoting feature, building a Quote is made very convenient and quoting your customers and prospects becomes an instantaneous task.

Also, to help make the processes of Quote creation and maintenance easier, the Quoting module gives you the option to enter text-based line items so that you can tailor every Quote to your customer, including specific directions or explanations.

The Quoting module offers feature has built in mechanisms to help ensure an efficient and professional experience for your customers. Not only can customers be provided with a branded hard copy of the Quote, but you can also send them a copy of their Quote via email or provide them with also access their Quotes through the Customer Portal. They can even accept the Quote via the Web!

The advantages of providing customers with online access to their Quotes are that customers benefit from instant access and they can approve Quotes or Proposals at their own leisure and from the comfort of their personal or work computers.

Once you have won the Quote, and the customer has either approved the Quote via the Customer Portal or in writing, you can easily and efficiently convert the Quote into either a set of Charges, one for each of the Quote line items, or into a single QuickBooks Invoice where each Quote Line is converted into an Invoice Line (including the textual lines).

Whether you are simply looking for an easier way to create, manage, win or convert a Quote into an invoice, the Quoting module offers features for you. By using the Quoting module for your entire Quoting cycle, you’ll make your job a little easier, and hopefully your wallet a little richer!

Until next time,
Success Team

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5 Responses to Ideal Quoting Module Realized!

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  2. David Hess says:

    I’m just going to come right out and say it: the reason I didn’t purchase your software is the lack of built in quoting and invoicing. I realize that you can export to QuickBooks, which is very capable of making invoices, HOWEVER, Quickbooks is poor when it comes to multi-user support. My employees do not use QuickBooks and we stopped using it for invoicing for this reason.

    CommitCRM was SO CLOSE to being just what I needed, but it needs to be able to complete a ticket from start to finish- and “finish” means creating invoices and receiving payments or credits on said invoices. Unfortunately, exporting transactional data to QuickBooks means that CommitCRM handles tickets from Start to Almost-Finish.

    Now I see this new quoting module, it really looks like a step in the right direction. All you really need to do is add invoicing to it and you’re done! Then you can tell your customers that QuickBooks is completely optional 🙂 Sorry for the criticisms, I really hope it is constructive. I really like how your software is designed otherwise.

  3. Thanks for your feedback David!
    We’re always trying to do and implement what’s best for our users. This is why with Quotes we’ve provided all possible options – a powerful integration module with QuoteWerks and a built-in Quoting module.
    In regards to an invoicing module – we will take a note of this and add your vote to this (existing) feature request.

    OUr CRM includes so much more than just this and can probably provide your business with so many powerful tools that I think that you should reconsider and start using it in your business 🙂

  4. Paul Ryan says:


    I have been using Commit for over 6 years now and whithout it we would be lost. I am testing the quoting section and I have found a big hole but probably a simple fix. I need to be able to convert a quote into charges but the charges need to be allocated to a ticket. I hope this feature is already there and I have simply missed it but if it is not can you add this to your next update please.


  5. Thanks Paul! Actually our coming 6.0 release (currently in Beta) does just this and let you convert a Quote into a service Ticket while having all Quote Lines converted into Charges under the Ticket as well!