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New in version 4.5

New! Knowledge Base

Manage your own knowledge base to help technicians and clients resolve problems faster! The Knowledge Base feature is a new part of the support desk module and it allows you to manage articles, categorize and attach documents to them, and more, all from within the app itself.

The Knowledge Base provides you with the following benefits:

  • Better and faster customer support: Access to the Knowledge Base provides quicker problem resolution and 24 x 7 Web customer self-service
  • Reduced operational costs: When employees and customers can solve problems more independently, call volume is reduced, allowing existing support representatives to serve more customers
  • Reduced employee training time: The Knowledge Base enables new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality
  • Centralized and retained employee knowledge: A streamlined knowledge base prevents knowledge from disappearing when an employee leaves the company

The Knowledge Base is a fully integrated solution, which allows employees or customers to access articles from anywhere – using the app Windows client application or the Web interface. This system allows you to turn resolved tickets into articles in a single click. It also offers flexible categorization options, including allowing for new fields to help create your own company-specific category system.

This new module is free for all users upgrading to version 4.5!

You can read more about using the Knowledge Base in the Knowledge Base User Guide.


Enhanced! Web Interface

The Web Interface has been improved even more and it offers new exciting features:

  • Online Services via the Web interface – The PSA’s Online Services are now available from the Web Interface as well! This powerful feature allows you to easily link to Web sites (URLs) and activate the Web application using parameters taken from the app database. You can define as many online Services as you wish.Technicians can now find an address for a scheduled visit with just a single click when on the road! You can do this by defining an Online Service that opens map sites (e.g. Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, etc.) and the map will open automatically on the address of the Account or Contact stored in the CRM feature database.

    You can read more about this powerful tool here.

  • Opportunities – The Web interface now allows you to add and update sales opportunity records directly from the Opportunities tab. Now you can start working on the next Opportunity even faster than before by automatically assigning it to someone in the office, defining new tasks for the Opportunity, update the opportunity description, amount, probability etc.Click the Opportunities tab from the Web interface’s main window, or create new Opportunities directly from the Account window.
  • Items – You can now add and update Items from the Web interface. This allows you to offer new services on the fly when you are on-site, and enter the charge right away with the new itemYou can view, edit, and add items all from the Items tab.
  • Knowledge Base via the Web interface for employees!
    The new Knowledge Base feature is now available to employees via the Web interface. This way your technicians can easily find solutions for problems while on-site at a customer. They can also add new articles so other technician will be able to resolve similar issues faster.
  • Knowledge Base via the Web interface for customers!
    Reduce customers’ inquiries and phone calls by letting them access the Knowledge Base through their Web interface. This way your customers can resolve problems on their own.

You can easily determine which articles will be available for customers, and which will be available for employees only. Click here for more information on the knowledge base feature.


There’s More!

In addition to all the features listed above, there have also been general bug fixes; and other performance enhancements.


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