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New in version 4.4

New! Custom Pricing per Account or Contract

No more trying to remember different hourly rates for different clients! Now you can set unique employee rates and Item prices for specific Accounts or Contracts which will be used automatically.

Some of the features of Custom Pricing:

  • Define custom prices at the Account or Contract levels.
    This means that you can even have different rates for the same customer depending on the service Contract in use
  • Automatically uses the Custom Pricing for every Charge logged for a specific Account or Contract so you never have to look at agreement terms again
  • Save time by defining global adjustments for employee rates or item prices.
    For example, you can set a global 10% discount for a customer, and this discount will always be automatically applied to any Items or charges for this customer. You can also set a global fixed hourly rate for all work for specific customers, regardless of which employee does the work and what their standard hourly rate is
  • Define rate or price exceptions for specific employees or Items that will be used only when charging for them

New! Automated Emails & MSP Integration

The new Automated Email feature processes incoming emails that have been sent to the Email Address defined for the Email Connector. The emails processed are from automated sources, such as an MSP alerting application, and the Automated Email feature analyzes the email’s header/body in order to create the relevant help desk Tickets.

The Automated Email feature allows you to define a set of rules that will help the system detect automated incoming emails which contain information about specific customers, and create Tickets for them.

Using the Automated Emails feature you can now integrate the PSA with leading MSP systems such as Level Platforms‘ Managed Workplace®, N-able‘ N-central, and many others

Note: This new feature is a part of Email Connector add-on module.

Enhanced! Web Interface

Web Interface modules have been significantly improved:

  • Instantly add new records – You can now add new records, such as service Tickets, Assets, Charges, Appointments etc., from any page you are viewing including the homepage. No more drill-downs required
  • Recent Items – View items that were recently used by selecting the Go To Recent Items option that is available on any page. Just one click, and you can see all of the recently visited pages: Accounts, Tickets, Assets and any other item type
  • Workflow enhancements – Easily create new records based on, or for other records, from an easily accessible menu: convert a Task into a service Ticket, add a new Ticket for an Account, easily Log a History Note for an Appointment, Add a Charge based on a Task, etc. The system will automatically copy the related data from the original record to the new one, and will keep a link between the records when relevant
  • Document downloads! Employees can now download documents stored in the CRM. Easily download the proposal you’ve sent to your customer, download technical information while on-site, etc. Everything is one click away!
  • Numerous design improvements – the Web Interface is now more pleasing to the eye
  • Firefox 3.0 – The Web Interface is now compatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 web browser

Analyze Business Activity Better!
New Advanced Filtering Option for Reports

Now you can create Reports that only show you the exact information that you want thanks to the new advanced filtering option that was added to various Reports.

Examples (many other options are available):

  • Filter Ticket reports to display only Tickets related to Accounts to which a specific employee is assigned
  • Filter Charge reports to display all Charges logged for Block of Time Contracts that belong to Accounts which are assigned to a specific employee
  • Filter Charge reports to display only Charges for Completed Tickets that belong to Accounts of the type ‘Law Office’

To use advanced filtering, click the Expand button in the Report Generation Window, and go to the Secondary Filter (Advanced) tab. In this tab, you will see the available advanced filters for this report.

Enhanced! – Charge Cost reports

Analyze your profitability and identify the products/parts where price changes will affect your bottom line the most. A new Charge Cost report was added under Reports > Charges, which calculates the cost of Items and displays it in the report, next to the actual price used for the items while logging the Charge.

Enhanced! – Charge Non-billable Reports

Now you can omit non-billable charges from the total amount displayed in Charge Reports, while still displaying all non-billable activity so that clients can have an overview of all the work you have done for them. You can generate this type of report from the Report Generation window by selecting the “Not Billable Charges included in summary” flag.

Enhanced! – Appointments in Technician Service Forms Reports

You can print Technician Service Forms with all the information you need.

A new Technician Service Form report format has been added called ‘Technician Service Form4’ which now includes the Pending Tasks and Appointments for the Ticket (in addition to all the usual information found on these forms). This new feature enables you to print out all service forms for Tickets that have schedules for a given day, and even see the schedule times on the service form itself.

Added – Integration with QuickBooks Australia 2008/9

QuickBooks Australia Pro 2008/9 and QuickBooks Australia Premier 2008/9 editions have been tested with version 4.4 of our PSA. You can now enjoy the benefits of the QuickBooks Link add-on module and use the link between the two systems to streamline your business processes and save time.

Note: this integration works in US compatibility mode. No changes were performed to specifically use it with the Australian edition of QuickBooks. When setting up the link between the systems, you need to tell the system that you are integrating with a US edition. To do so, make sure to select the US QuickBooks edition under Tools > Options window, the QuickBooks tab > US.

There’s More!

In addition to all the features listed above, the following has also been improved: Better refreshing in the dispatcher window, general bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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