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New in version 26

An additional new release during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe!


Windows 10 Scaling – High DPI Support

You could have always used the app on any display, however, with today’s high resolution displays the experience might not have been ideal. On screens with very high DPI displays, like 14” laptop with 4K resolution or even 12” FHD display, texts within the app might not have looked as sharp as they could have, even when Windows display scaling is on (e.g., 125% and 150%). With this new version the entire underlying rendering engine of RangerMSP has been rewritten to utilize the full sharpness potential such display offers when used with Windows scaling.


Email Connector – Ticket Email Threading

Customer email replies to closed tickets will now automatically open the Ticket bringing it back to the open Tickets queue.

With previous versions, such replies were pushed to the Ticket Inbox, however, the Ticket status was kept intact. Many of you have asked us to change this, so the ticket will get reopened, for better visibility of the Ticket and faster resolution.

This feature is configurable. In case you wish to go back to old behavior, and prevent the ticket from being reopened upon customer replies, you should use the ServerConfig utility to change how this works so the Ticket Email threading will keep working as it used to.

Email Connector settings - reopen Ticket


Accounts and Assets window

The Accounts and Assets Windows now offer a left-side pane that lets you easily filter the list of Accounts or Assets by type:

Accounts and Assets Type Panes

While this left-side pane is great, in some cases it might consume too much screen space, especially when using smaller displays. With this new version the system automatically remembers whether this pane was displayed or hidden, for the next time you open the app.

At any time you can use the Alt-F1 keyboard shortcut to show or hide this pane.


Additional changes:


Moving a Ticket from one customer Account to the other will automatically update Ticket recipients with the email address/es of the newly selected Account. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of email notification getting sent to the wrong account.


QuickBooks Online

Intuit has recently introduced new security requirements that affect all applications integrating with it.
This new version of RangerMSP includes all required changes and is fully compatible.


And more…
General user experience improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements.




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